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September 12, 2009 - Stout Street Foundation Holds Inaugural Tennis Fund Raiser

What: Stout Street Foundation's Annual Carolyn Lucero Memorial Tennis Classic. Featuring Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Where: Berkeley Park Courts

When: Friday & Saturday, September 11 & September 12, 2009

Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $90.00 for doubles

Beneficiary: Healthcare - Residents of Stout Street Foundation

Host(s): Teri Smith, Director of Development

Executive Director: Tom Knight

Sponsors: ARC (Gold Sponsor), Berkeley District Merchants Association, North Denver News, Mile High Sports Radio AM 1510 in the Tennis Zone with Andy Zodin, C and C Shirt Company,, , Shamrock Foods, Corporate Images, Kirkpatricks Brokerage

Quote of the evening: "Are we really going to play?"

Menu: Turkey and chipotle chicken wraps, chips and salsa, assortment of fresh fruit

Attire: tennis casual

Special Thanks: The players of Berkeley Park Tennis Club

Board of Directors: Joanne Lah, Chair; Tim Frey, Robert Graff, Dawn Sieh, Dr. Ken Wilson, Judith Boyles, Carol Wiltse, Clyde Lay, Lloyd Lewis, Mayor Paul Natale and Robert Whitman

Blacktie Photos by: Jan McNutt

 Eddie Veniegas and Cheryl Scheck
Eddie Veniegas and Cheryl Scheck

Oh well. Whatayagonnado?  The weather could have been more inviting for Saturday's Stout Street tennis tournament. The event and supporters experienced a typical, soon-to-be Fall,  Colorado weather catastrophe. Friday was a perfect tennis day. On Saturday the temperature turned cold and rainy just in time for the first Stout Street Foundation Tennis Tournament. 

Fortunately, that didn't deter supporters of the foundation who came to the park and sat with hoods and blankets over their heads playing and staying until the bitter end. 

Teri Smith, Director of Development at SSF, played match after match, it seemed, with a smile on her face and, sincere enthusiasm for what the foundation gives to, and, means to its recipients. 

The Stout Street Foundation offers several options for addiction rehabilitation and has been a refuge for countless people who want to help themselves for over 30 years. Using the motto, ""People Helping People Help Themselves," SSF was started and incorporated in 1976 by Bradley R. Lucero, Jr., a man who was in search of a life free of drugs and alcohol. He found it at Stout Street Foundation and went on to share it with countless others seeking refuge from a life of despair.

Despite the inclement weather and the matches that had to be rescheduled, Smith said it was a success and she's looking forward to next year's event - without the cold and rain.

Total funds raised were close to $6,000, thanks to the 100 people who stepped on the courts to participate in the worthy effort and to support the foundation.

Brrrrrr. But what's a little cold when you've got your friends? If you live in Colorado - you keep a hoodie and a blanket in the trunk of your car. What's the big deal?

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