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November 03, 2009 - Rebuilding Together's Cognac & Caviar Evening Raises the Temp for Senior Winters

What: Cognac and Caviar Fundraiser

Where: 300 Block Gaylord, Denver, CO

When: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $75

Beneficiary: elderly/senior

Host(s): Susan Mathews

Honoree(s): Denver Broncos Alumni & Colorado Roofing Association

Co-Chair(s): Chantel Abeyta and Patricia Bainter

Staff: Laurie McCaw, Megan Bilotta, Brad Breland, Mary Brook, Karyn Browne, Mary Eisenstein, Megan Griffen, Aaron Kreiger, Sam Levine, Laurie Wagner, Angie Zuccarelli

Introductions: Laurie McCaw, CEO

Speaker: Gary Officer, National CEO

Libations: Jerri's Tobacco Shop and Fine Wines

Catering: Three Tomatoes Catering

Sponsors: Susan Mathews of Fuller Sotheby's, Tony's Market, McClain Financial, First Bank, Michele Mosko Fine Art, Movemasters, The Chocolate Crisis Center, Nomelie Cupcakes, Jerri's Tobacco Shop and Fine Wines, Ekman Design Studio, Alternative Land Design, Cricket Communications, The Junior League of Denver, The Lark, Bob Kolbrener Photography, Starbucks, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, dbmarketing, Direct Press, Pam and Terry Lorenz, Patricia Bainter and Robert Wagner

Menu: Caviar samples, hors d'oeuvres

Attendance: 150

Attire: Evening, cocktail, business

Planning Committee: Patricia Bainter, Chantel Abeyta, Brie Strossel, Becky Schaub, Courtney Vandegriff, Tracy Angeles

Board of Directors: President: Glenn Renner, Treasurer: Cory Peterson, Secretary: Debra Havins, Members at Large: Pam Beightol, Troy Denike, Peggy Edington, Rocky Hackman, Tim Odil, David Pocs, Mark Noonan, Vince Rosales

Blacktie Photos by: M. Darcy

 Vince Rosales from the Board, Rob McGovern, Ricardo Sanchez and Johnell Olsson talk over caviar
Vince Rosales from the Board, Rob McGovern, Ricardo Sanchez and Johnell Olsson talk over caviar

Rebuilding Together's Caviar and Cognac Evening Raises the Temp for Senior Winters

Story by M. Darcy


Part of the American dream is to have that picket fence and house that will hold a lifetime of memories.  It's a symbol of independence and a sign of financial success.  But every homeowner knows how much work goes into maintaining a house.  What happens when you can no longer do the repairs because of disability, age, or the death of a spouse?  Many people are too proud to ask for help.


Luckily, for over 10 years, neighbors have been helping neighbors through Rebuilding Together, an organization whose mission is to keep low income seniors safe, warm and dry in their own homes.  “Quite often friends or neighbors applys for our help on behalf of the homeowner,” explains Mark Noonan, one of the Board Members of Rebuilding Together who attended Tuesday's evening of Cognac and Caviar to raise funds for their programs.  “The economy has hit everyone hard,” he adds.  With rising costs of bills, food and medicines, there's often little left over for home repairs, even when it's raining in your bedroom or the furnace died.  Many senior homeowners can't do the work themselves.   


We've seen a huge increase in applications this year because of the economy,” Noonan continues.  Twice a year the organization has a Rebuilding Day, fixing up to 38 homes in just that day through the help of skilled volunteers and material donations.  The work focuses on safety and ADA – that means installing grab bars in bathrooms, repairing leaking roofs and broken porches, removing trash, fixing and lighting walkways, weatherizing and light plumbing, to name a few.


The increase in applications means an added push for funding, partners and volunteers to meet those applications.  “There are people in need in our own backyard,” Noonan emphasises.  That's why the  November 3rd fundraiser at Susan Mathews' home in Cherry Creek was so important.  Silent auction fine art and gift basket items plus winnings from the three tables of Texas Hold'em Poker were the keys to next year's projects.


It's about keeping people in their own houses,” Shadron Noonan, Mark's wife, pitches in.  Rebuilding Together offers 24/7 emergency services to ensure that people can retain their safety, dignity and the homes they've lived in for sometimes 50 years, rather than be forced into assisted care just because they can't get on a ladder anymore.


Last year, Director of Marketing, Laurie Wagner, organized a special day harnessing the power of women in business to fix 5 homes in one day.  It was a way to teach home repair skills to women volunteers and to bring awareness of the organization to new partner groups.


You can help Rebuilding Together turn up the heat to keep seniors warm at their Chili Cook-Off Sunday, December 6 from 11:00-3:00 p.m.  Until then, be a good neighbor and volunteer, donate, sponsor or just make a call for someone you know in Metro Denver to (720) 524-0840.  You can also learn more about what Rebuilding Together is doing at


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