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February 09, 2002 - Denver's Future Givers Have A Ball

Where: Marriott Tech Center

When: February 9, 2002

Beneficiary: Project PAVE

Master of Ceremonies: Les Shapiro

Gala Chairperson(s): William Grant Parker, Kathleen Bell, Jourdan Block, Clayton Millice

Committee Members: John Pritzlaff, Alex Pritzlaff, Patrick Ziegler, Chris Coakley, Andrew Duke, Kallie Lichty, Katie McKenney, Jenni Pollak, Kendra Auston, Jessica Diner, Max Rauber, J.J. Sullivan

Speaker: Peter Boyles

Entertainment: Pyramix Interactive

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Block, Cherry Creek Athletic Club, Corporate Stock Transfer, Cecily Grant, Marriott Tech Center, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, American Buffalo Printing, Atmosphere High-Lighters, Mr. and Mrs. McKenney, Mr. and Mrs. Pritzlaff, Pyramix Interactive, Coors Brewing Co., Kaitar Foundation, Murray Motor Imports, Mr. and Mrs. Sevo, Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler

Attendance: 350

Attire: Formal

Blacktie Photos by: Elizabeth Byrnes

 What happens when you mix and match a baseball cap worn backwards with a strapless zebra print and a one-shoulder gown?  A fashion statement is made, funky yet sophisticated.
What happens when you mix and match a baseball cap worn backwards with a strapless zebra print and a one-shoulder gown? A fashion statement is made, funky yet sophisticated.

By Laurie Clark

It’s not easy to hush a ballroom filled with 350 hyper teenagers.

But that's what happened when Kathleen Bell said: “What I will remember most about Nathan is his smile.”

The scene was the second annual Future Givers Ball at the Marriott Tech Center.

In a tribute to Nathan Kip, Kathleen read an excerpt from Elton John’s "The Lion King," dedicating the evening to Nathan and Jourdan Block. Nathan and Jourdan, instrumental in organizing the first Future Givers Ball last year, were involved in a deadly car accident in December. Jourdan is still recovering; Nathan was killed.

But the seeds they planted helped raise over $25,000 at this year's event for Project PAVE, an organization that helps kids heal from domestic violence.

Last year, PAVE counselors told 70,000 students in metro Denver that they should question violence in all its forms.

The ballroom looked like prom night. The kids were giddy with excitement and dressed to the nines. There is something so surprisingly endearing about young men in tuxedos.

And the girls! With their beautiful gowns - mostly black and often slinky - and shoes that would make Manolo Blahnik take notice, well, it looked more like a fashion show! (When did teenagers get so glamorous, anyway?)

Colorado media personality Les Shapiro kicked off the evening by telling the kids: "This is your night, this is your event.”

And, that it was. Organized and orchestrated by the kids themselves, the evening was a wonderful tribute to what’s right about kids today.

They convinced several companies, including Hyde Park Jewelers, to donate some great raffle gifts. They sold tickets and booked Scott Gray and his fabulous crew from Pyramix Interactive to provide the psychedelic sights and sounds that kept that dance floor hoppin’ all evening.

Guest speaker Peter Boyles referred to Nathan’s passing by telling the crowd, “The country went through a lot last year, and so did you. Remember the lessons of tonight – by helping someone else, you are also helping yourselves.”

Project PAVE Executive Director Jim Benuth said the Future Givers Ball is a classic example of young people helping other young people. It is often said that the future rests with our kids. If these teens any example, our future is in very capable hands.

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