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February 06, 2010 - Artma: Creativity Combined with Compassion

What: The fifth Artma art auction and fund raising extravaganza!

Where: Ken Seagren and Denver Studio Complex

When: Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $50

Beneficiary: The Morgan Adams Foundation

Mistress of Ceremonies: 9News' Kyle Dyer

Founders: Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter

Committee Members: Valerie Appelbaum, Janelle Aune, Cindy Baroway, Sue Carney, Stefani Cochran, Bari DeJaynes, Nikki Di Tommaso, Kristi Fisher, Deb Gorney, John & Caroline Groom, Charlotte Lawson, Rory Palazzo, Cindi Pollet, Anne Schrader, Sheri Sutton, Sonya Unrein, Robyn Frahm, Terry Dennett, Rachelle Montanaro, Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter

Staff: Joan Slaughter – Executive Director, Charlotte Lawson – Assistant to the Executive Director, Rachelle Montanaro – Special Events Coordinator, Kelly Anton – PR Coordinator, John Groom – Volunteer Accountant

Catering: Strings, Japon, Steuben’s, Gelato d’Italia Café, Flying Dog and the Saucy Noodle

Music: The Robin Ruscio Trio

Sponsors: 5280 Magazine, Lighting Services, Inc., Metropolitan Frame Company, SOL-Store of Lingerie, Minor & Brown, Bouquets, Multimedia Audio Visual, Safeco Insurance, Eye Candy Graphics, International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees-Local #7, Vitelity, Mediation Partners, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and Sybase Inc.

Auctioneer: Dave Welton

Attendance: 1,000

Attire: Semi-Casual

Florist: Bouquets

Board of Directors: Bradley Haight-Board Chair, Debbie Stoffel-Treasurer, Nikki DiTommaso-Secretary, Scott Baroway, Bari DeJaynes, Gail Fawcett, David Fetter, Kay Griffin, Keith Redmond, and PERPETUAL BOARD SEAT-Brett M. Derosier

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Co-Emcees; 9NEWS  Kyle Dyer and comedian George McClure with Morgam Adams founders Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter
Co-Emcees; 9NEWS Kyle Dyer and comedian George McClure with Morgam Adams founders Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter

By Marcelo Mainzer

To be an artist is to believe in life.--
Henry Moore

With Valentines Day right around the corner people’s thoughts turn to love and the Morgan Adams Foundation is all about love.
Love of children, who show incredible courage, strength, resilience and humor in the face of terrifying illness. Love of parents who stand by their kids and work towards the healing of other parent’s children. Love of and from doctors, nurses and researches whose tireless efforts are battling to find cures for childhood cancers. And finally, the love of a whole community of volunteers, sponsors, donors and contributors who show their love with time and money to support the Morgan Adams Foundation.
The MAF events are a celebration of life, in all its heady, joyful, extravagant and creative ways. Artma brings together artists who help us all to see the world through their eyes, and in a different light. Through painting, sculpture, photography, and many other mediums they ask us to stop, take a breath and really look at the world in a thoughtful way.
This year an event has been created by one of Morgan Adams Foundation sponsors: SOL Lingerie, who has been a corporate sponsor of Artma since year one. The event speaks to another love filled and creative endeavor. The SOL girls, during the entire month of January, donated a percentage of all purchases to Artma and are having a Beer, Brats and Bras event February 11th.
From the moment Artma participants entered the Denver Studio Complex at 241 S. Cherokee Street they knew they were at a different kind of event--a row of shapely mannequin legs with bird of paradise fronds protruding from them, created by B.J. Dyer, acted as a runway to registration. By 8 p.m. the place was packed; every one of the galleries were alive with people bidding on the silent auction items, partaking of the now, legendary assortment of MAF cuisine donors or lining up at the five wet bars. The Robin Rusio trio provided a cool selection of jazz music whose tempo kept the crowd hopping.
Bidding on the more then 200 Items became more urgent as Master of Ceremonies George McClure announced the closing of each gallery. The last gallery to close was the Pretty Princess Gallery, which featured many pieces created by Gabrielle Bayless and other children who benefit from the foundation events' success. Co-emcee Kyle Dyer interjected with announcements and introduced founders Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams, who with their usual modesty welcomed and thanked everyone for working for, creating and supporting Artma.
Another thing that MAF events are known for is the incredible attention to detail that makes the events so pleasant for everyone attending. Hundreds of volunteers made sure that everything flowed smoothly, and the auction team of 20 or more made collecting your artwork a breeze.
When it was time for the live auction, Dave Welton again this year took command and with humor and professionalism gave the crowd the opportunity of making the highest bids. Dave’s “right hand man”, was Aowyn Soane, making sure to track everyone's raised hand and bid. Adam Lerner, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver urged people to bid, even claiming his mother would be disappointed in him if he failed to help bring up the bids. When Karen Hutchinson rose to the podium and shared her story of her son surviving cancer, it brought what the Foundation does home to each bidder.
The last item on the agenda was the microarray chips auction. Microarray Chip technology gives researchers more comprehensive insight into the causes of cancer growth in children in analyzing a child's tumor sample. With typical MAF flair and humor, each winner received a bag of potato chips as well, thrown to them by cancer survivors Morgan McKillop, Lindsey Worthern and Gabrielle Bayles.
Vincent Van Gogh said, “I dream my painting and then paint my dream”
The Morgan Adams Foundation has a dream of early detection and a cure for childhood cancer and they work to make it a reality.


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