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April 03, 2010 - National Jewish, National Champions

What: Hoops & Hoopla fundraiser for Kunsberg School

Where: INVESCO Field at Mile High

When: Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time: 3:30 p.m

Ticket Prices: $275

Beneficiary: Kunsberg School at National Jewish Health

Master of Ceremonies: Rich Schierburg

Co-Chair(s): (Coaches) David Greiner, Josh Hanfling, Brent Hines, Jerry Laflen, John Kamprath, Ward Mahanke, Sean Nohavec, Brian Parks, Rick Pastor and Rich Schierburg

Committee Members: (Players) Matt Arias, Jim Barbour, Shawn Boyd, Paul Brooks, Marc Cohen, Paul DeCrescentis, Tal Diamant, Roger Dieckhaus, Darren Fisk, Brent Greiner, Wayne Grider, Alan Guzowski, Amy Hines, Judy Hines, Tom Kahn, Ann King, Joe Nelson, Gary Scwartz, Ryan Slechta, Jeff Shigeno and Kris Wintroub

President(s): Dr. Michael Salem

Libations: Centerplate Catering

Catering: Epicurean Grill Works

Sponsors: Greiner Electric, BKD, MSFF Foundation, Ludlow-Griffith Foundation, PJ and Ward Mahanks, FedEx Office, FM Sportsradio 104.3 and 5280 Magazine

Menu: Roasted asparagus & Baton carrots, fennel and potato gratin, grilled chicken Provencal and petite bistro tenderloin

Attendance: 400

Attire: Casual

Florist: More Flowers

Donors: Ludlow Griffith Foundation/MSF Foundation

Event Coordinator: Amy MacGreager Hoffmann

Board of Directors: Allon, Margaret Sue; Arent, Stephen; Baer, Rich; Berenbaum, Jim; Brody, Paulette; Brownstein, Norm; Chotin, Robin; Cohen, Geraldine; Engleberg, David; Farkas, Joel; Feiner, Michael; Gallagher, Barbara; Gart, Tom; Gelfond, Larry; Gibson, Roger; Glauser, Gerald; Gold, Will III; Golding, Staunton; Hirschfeld, Barry; Isenberg, Christie; Kaufmann, Steve; Kemper, Mariner; Kris, Steven; Kuhn, Jim; Levin, Bradley A.; Makovsky, Evelyn; Mettler, Robert; Moskowitz, Marvin; Pashel, Zachary H.; Peperzak, Marcus B.; Richardson, Blair E.; Robinson, Scott D.; Salem, Hassan; Saltzman, Meyer; Schierburg, Rich; Schonbrun, Michael; Schwartz, Carole; Semple, Martin; Siegel, Steve; Siegel, Wendy; Silversmith, Don; Steron, Marc; Tansky, Burt; Tuchman, Debra; Yohannes, Daniel; Zucker, Evan. Lifetime Directors: Joseph Davis, William Gold, Philip Karsh, Leonard Perlmutter, Edward Robinson, J.H. Silversmith

Steering Committee: Matt Arias, Jim Barbour, Shawn Boyd, Paul Brooks, Mark Cohen, Paul DeCrescentis, Tal Diamant, Roger Dieckhous, Darren Frisk, Brent Greiner, Wayne Grider, Alan Guzowski, Amy Hines, Judy Hines, Tom Kahn, Ann King, Joe Nelson, Gary Schwartz, Ryan Slechta, Jeff Shigeno, Tom Tarver and Kris Wintroub

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Dr. Michael Salem with board member Emeritus Bill Gold and Josh Hanfling, Kunsberg School Chair
Dr. Michael Salem with board member Emeritus Bill Gold and Josh Hanfling, Kunsberg School Chair


On Saturday April 3, chronically ill children at the Kunsberg School were the big winners when National Jewish Health held its seventh annual Hoops & Hoopla event in the exclusive West Club Level at INVESCO Field at Mile High. Fans of men’s college basketball and the Kunsberg School for chronically ill children at National Jewish Health spent an evening enjoying basketball, casino games, hearty food and a successful silent auction, which raised $11,000 and, with ticket sales and sponsorships, brought the total raised that evening for the school to $123,000.
When attendees of Hoops & Hoopla weren’t shooting hoops from the wildly moving “Armchair Free Throw” and free-throw games, they were watching Butler University pull out a surprise win over Michigan State. Other guests were trying out their skills in games of chance like roulette, craps and poker. And many supporters were bidding at the silent auction to champion the cause that brought them to INVESCO in the first place, the ongoing miracles that happen at the Kunsberg School. 
Epicurean Catering kept the flow of mini burgers, hotdogs and other hors d’oeuvres going until the end of the first basketball game, when everyone in attendance went up court to the buffet and filled their plates with delicious food before taking their seats for the speaking program.
Richard A. Schierberg, event coach and board member since 2004, rose to the podium and thanked everyone for coming, first acknowledging the coaches for filling the many tables, then the board of directors for all the work they do year round, and finally Greiner Electric for being the title sponsor of Hoops & Hoopla 2010.
Smiling broadly, Schierberg reminded all the guests that the most important reason for their attendance was to raise money for Kunsberg School on the campus of National Jewish Health, the number one respiratory hospital in the nation. He brought Dr. Michael Salem, President and CEO of National Jewish Health to the stage, where Dr. Salem talked about the school, which serves children in kindergarten through 8th grades who have been held back in traditional schools because of their chronic illnesses. At Kunsberg, the focus is not only on the academic progress of students, but also on their medical health, social and physical growth, and their emotional well-being. Each Kunsberg educator is versed in how to educate students and make sure they become lifelong learners in all aspects of their environment. Kunsberg provides a strong educational foundation that includes fine arts classes, daily physical education, full-time nursing staff and easy access to medical care so each child can manage his or her own unique medical needs.

Dr. Salem directed the audience to the screen that switched from basketball games to a video that opened a window into the lives of National Jewish Health patients whose lives have been transformed by the science and personalized care. Schierberg returned to the stage and detailed the vision and programs of National Jewish Health; its commitment to charity care, education and research into cures for respiratory, cardiac, immune and related diseases. He recalled that most students at the Kunsberg School have moderate to severe asthma some also face challenges of  juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, sickle cell anemia and kidney and heart problems.
Schierberg encouraged fans to continue bidding to win the silent auction prizes. As a finale to the program, he asked the team from Greiner Electric to rise and receive their much deserved trophy for their enormous support of the event as title sponsor. After the hoopla of the speaking program, the crowd continued to cheer and groan in response to the second game of the evening in which West Virginia lost to number-one seeded Duke.

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