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August 30, 2010 - Celebrities Serving!

What: Concerts for Kids Celebrity Waiter Event

Where: Shanahan's Steakhouse

When: Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time: 5-10 p.m.

Beneficiary: Concerts for Kids and the Children's Hospital

Executive Director: Christie Isenberg

Libations: Sky Vodka

Catering: Shanahan's Steakhouse

Entertainment: Celebrity Waiters

Blacktie Photos by: Steven Shoppman

 Barry Hirschfeld, Arlene Hirschfeld and Mark Steron
Barry Hirschfeld, Arlene Hirschfeld and Mark Steron

How often does someone have the chance to say, "Last night I had a celebrity waiting on me, serving me drinks and amazing food all night."  Now to add to this, how often can someone say, "Then later in the night, I gave some money to charity which allowed me to tell that celebrity to do whatever I want."  Most would not be able to tout this privilege.  Most would not be able to say they have seen Dean Prina in a tutu or a fake oversuit making him look like a fat dancer.  Most would not be able to say they have seen Steve Farber in a hideous women's lifeguard costume.  But at the Celebrity Waiters dinner put on by Concerts for Kids, many not only had the opportunity to see these famous names being clowned on and ordered around, they had a chance to hand out the orders.

From the time that guests arrived and were met by Denver's newest celebrities - the Southwest Airlines baggage guys - to the final drop of a martini, the evening was a wonderful success!

At Shanahan's steakhouse in the Denver Tech Center, many people took advantage of this fun and wild evening eating the exquisite foods from the Shanahan's kitchen and ending with their entire tip going to charity.  Even before entering the building the Southwest airlines baggage guys from the TV commercials were greeting patrons with flowers leading them into a full-fledged night of excitement with some of Denver's most well known names.

The celebrities this night were out of character with many of them known for wearing fireman gear or business suits instead sporting the most embarrassing and ridiculous costumes at the bidding of their customers.  The system was quite smart, using "funny money," which can be purchased when entering the restaurant.  The proceeds, of course, go to charity, but the funny money goes to the celebrities to help fuel the evening with laughter as the requests come in.  The fireman hunks from the fireman's yearly [shirtless] calendar were continually requested to take their shirts off and flex their big muscles for photos, a truly unlikely sight in a place like Shanahan's.  The money could also buy rounds of the famous trying their hand at karaoke, wearing the myriad of costumes in the back room, or going on drink runs to the bar for the customers—risky business with the waiting skills of some.

In the back of the restaurant was a silent auction with autographed guitars, vacations and more to help increase the success of the fundraising efforts.  When things were said and done, the event raised a respectable $49,388.21!

Outside, a band played later in the night to fuel the five- hour long event.  Since this was not a ticketed event, anyone who showed up had no choice but to become part of the festivities with Broncos players and coaches, newscasters, famous local CEOs and more running around pulling crazy antics late into the evening.  It did not seem to turn anyone away as the house was packed from wall to wall with bodies.  A special thanks most certainly should go to the regular staff of the restaurant, because without them, these "celebrity waiters" probably would never have gotten a single plate or drink to the right table.  They did, however, provide some top notch entertainment at an event that keep bringing some great laughs and raising some serious money for kids each year. 

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