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September 16, 2010 - Women Who've Changed the Heart of the City

What: Denver Rescue Mission High Tea

Where: Brown Palace Ballroom

When: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Beneficiary: Denver Rescue Mission

Mistress of Ceremonies: Gina Schreck

Honoree(s): Linda Alvarado, LaFawn Biddle, Arlene Hirschfeld and Lily Nie

Gala Chairperson(s): Jane McDonald, Gina Schreck

Committee Members: Julia Flachman, Lindsay Hannagan, Nancy Harris, Stacey McDonald, Cindy Miller, Carol Mullens and Deb Phipps

President(s): Brad Meuli

Patrons: Sandra Abbott Gabbard, Sharon Magness Blake, Christine Benero, Margaret Fomer, Marcia Robinson

Invocation: Deb Phipps

Music: Barbara W.Lepke-Sims Harp

Sponsors: Presenting Sponsor: Margret Pahl Stewart Foundation, Triple B, Megastar Financial, Alvarado Construction, Wells Fargo, Peter Harnisch - Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, McDonald Automotive Group, The Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, Jim & Carol Mullens, Dave & Deb Phipps, Synergy Services, Synapse 3Di, KRG Capital Partners, Graland Country Day School, The Plum Gallery, Colorado Party Rentals, Anne Harmon - Harmony Design LLC and Barbara W. Lepke-Sims - Professional Harpist

Board of Directors: Al Johnson, Ed Kerr, Ted Snailum, Cathy Goss, John Boucher, Margaret Fomer, John Hachmeister, Tom Webb, Jim Wilkins, David Naus, David Schunk and Joesph Fortna

Blacktie Photos by: Carol Burkett

 Lauren Slivka presenting Brad Meuli with a check from the Margret Pahl Stewart Foundation
Lauren Slivka presenting Brad Meuli with a check from the Margret Pahl Stewart Foundation

The Brown Palace Hotel, which was opened in 1892 by Henry Brown, was the site of the Women Who've Changed the Heart of the City high tea, benefiting the Denver Rescue Mission.  The women who were honored were Linda Alvarado, LaFawn Biddle, Arlene Hirschfeld and Lily Nie.  

As President and CEO of Alvarado Construction and an owner of the Colorado Rockies, Ms Alvarado has taken a non-traditional path in life and inspired many women and minorities.  With her service on many boards, both business and charitable Linda gladly shares her expertise.

LaFawn Biddle is a champion for both children and adults in need and those who work in the health care field.  Her volunteer work encompasses a variety of organizations from the Marion Downs Hearing Center to the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

An abundance of passion and enthusiasm have led Arlene Hirschfeld to decades of volunteer service in Colorado.  She has stepped up and taken many leadership positions in a variety of charities and foundations, many of which serve children and women.

Working to facilitate adoptions of Chinese children, improve Chinese orphanage conditions, and teach Chinese culture to adopted children and their families, Lily Nie has provided hope for countless abandoned Chinese orphans.

These remarkable women serve as examples of the power of the individual.

Gina Schreck welcomed the attendees and the invocation was given by Deb PhippsBrad Meuli, President and CEO of the Denver Rescue Mission thanked everyone and presented a short film about the work of the Mission.  Founded in 1892, like the Brown Palace, The Denver Rescue Mission provides shelter food, clothing and education to individuals in need.

While guests sipped tea and sampled scones with preserves and Devonshire cream, savory garden tea sandwiches and classic tea pastries, Gina Schreck sat with the honorees and asked questions about their lives and their work.

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