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January 21, 2011 - The Children's Hospital Foundation/ MAX 25th Anniversary Soiree

What: Max 25th Anniversary Fashion Show

Where: EXDO Events Center

When: Friday, January 21, 2011

Time: 7:30 - 10 p.m.; VIP reception at 7 p.m.

Beneficiary: The Children's Hospital Heart Institute and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

Honoree(s): Diane von Furstenberg

Gala Chairperson(s): Max Martinez and Scott Seale

Honorary Chairperson(s): Diana Reidy and Ann Reidy

Committee Members: Kelsie Allen, Maggie Armstrong, Ann Ayers, Cheryl Badger, Kristina Baker De Atucha, Nina Ballenger, Lauren Benson, Lisa Benson, Marcy Benson, Nancy Benson, Gail Borden, Trish Bragg, Rachel Brown, Juliana Broz, Catherine Canaday, Vivi Carlson, Ramey Caulkins, Kimberly Coughlon, Jackie Davis, Katey Driscoll, Amy Eakes, Ashley Erickson, Caterina Fagelson, Kristy Frankum, Michelle Golding, Lia Gore MD, Brooke Gordon, Lisza Gulyas, Shannon Guzman, Lisa Hagerman, Amy Halvorsen, Lynne Hamstra, Pam Hatcher, Carol Hawk, Anne Hillary, Nancy Holst, Heidi Huisjen, Lisa Jackson, JJ Johnson, Auna Jornayvaz, Ann Kelly, Amie Knox, Laurie Korneffel, Stephanie Lawrence, Wendy Lee, Linda Lynch, Suzanne MacKenzie, Christiane Maclay, Meg Macy MD, Kelly Maloney MD, Lori Marks-Connors, Elizaeth Millas, Heather Mulvihill, Katie Poppert, Jennifer Q. Miller, Jean Reidy, Virginia Reiman, Candy Roberts, Holiday Schaldach, Lisa Speaker, Kim Sperry, Shaye Thompson, Lindsay Vinnik, Kathleen Woodberry, Nancy Woodhull, Tricia Youssi, Meghan Zucker

Catering: Epicurean Catering

Sponsors: PREMIERE SPONSORS: Randall Carter, Assured Equity Management, Marcy and Bruce Benson, Lisa and George Hagerman, In honor and celebration of the Reidy Family, The Ladd Foundation, Charles Nelson Pease Foundation, Ann and Kevin Reidy, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Wambsganss; GOLD SPONSORS: Nina and Danny Ballenger, Carmine's on Penn, KRG Capital Partners, Brooke and Tom Gordon, Heather and Jimmy Mulvihill, The Timothy Fund; PLATINUM SPONSORS: Debbi and Lee Alpert, Robert and Rhonda Boswell, G.H. Smart and Co., Bridget and John Grier, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Korneffel, Whitney and Destiny Marvin, Jeffery Metheney and Everett Clark, Positively Sunny Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Reiman, Semple Brown Design, Lisa and Ron Speaker, Adrienne Stewart MD, The Children's Hospital--Heart Institute, The Children's Hospital--The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, The Golden Hotel, Trish Bragg and Maggie Armstrong at Fuller Sotheby's International

Menu: Tapas Bruschetta display, harvest crudites, cracked black pepper balsamic dip, sushi roll display, Asian vegetable spring roll, edible wheatgrass

Attendance: 650

Attire: Fashionable

Special Thanks: Beverage Sponsors: Beverage Distributors, the Charmer Sunbelt Group; Republic National Distributing Company; Media Sponsor: Denver Magazine; Catering: Epicurean Culinary Group; Valet Services: Jay's Valet; Photographs: Jensen Sutta Photography; Patron Gift Sponsor: Enstrom's Almond Toffee; Also special thanks to John Chamie, EXDO Events Center, Four Seasons Hotel, Holly Kabacoff, MAC Cosmetics, Charlie Price for Antoine du Chez, The Spa at Cherry Creek, Kate Redwing, Revelry Jewels, Steve Trujillo for El Salon, Jill Vincent, Virgo Communications, David Zimmer, all the volunteers who made the evening possible and great appreciation to Diane von Furstenberg

Models/Fashions: Diane von Furstenberg

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Max Martinez and Diane von Furstenberg before the show
Max Martinez and Diane von Furstenberg before the show

If there's anyone who is timeless, it's Diane von Furstenberg, or DVF as she's known in eclectic cirlces. She has designed everything from trend-setting dresses to hospital gowns. Her life and career could in itself be a best-selling novel. So it's no wonder that at least 400  people packed into the EXDO events center Friday evening to celebrate DVF's new spring line (wrap dress and all) as she came to help celebrate MAX stores' 25th anniversary with owner Max Martinez and his partner Scott Seale. "She is in constant demand and doesn't have time to travel to all the places people have requested, but we have a long-term relationship with her and her company, so we're honored she was able to come," Martinez said.

Seldom is an fashion icon associated so closely to an entire fashion genre as Diane von Furstenberg is to the wrap dress. It was wildly popular in the '70s and is back in a big way in 2011, exuding elegance and panache. As one twenty-something fashionista said, "It gives me confidence." DVF brought her Spring line in an upbeat and lively fashion show, preceded by some comments by DVF herself and a toast on stage by the hosts and honorees.

Max Martinez, Scott Seale and many committee members worked tirelessly to bring DVF to Denver for this benefit for The Children's Hospital Heart Institute and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Max's sister Nina Ballenger and her daughter Brooke, along with the Ann and Kevin Reidy and daughter Diana were guests of honor to celebrate the miraculous level of care Brooke and Diana received at The Children's Hospital. It was evident that Brooke and Diana were having the time of their life at this event, Diana flitting here and there with a big smile and sparkle in her eye and that wonderment and enthusiasm only kids can possess. And all of this made possible by the state of the art programs at The Children's Hospital. Ticket sales topped $ 1/4 million to benefit The Children's Hospital Heart Institute and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. 

And so the saying that many producers utter when their projects are successfully completed is especially fitting here: "It's a wrap!"  


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