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October 11, 2011 - Blacktie's Have You Met

What: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and honoring of Beth Klein with the Georgia Imhoff Award 2011

Where: Celebrity Lanes, Parker and Arapahoe Rds.

When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time: 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $35

Host(s): Kenton Kuhn

Founders: Kenton Kuhn, Georgia Imhoff

Executive Director: Kenton Kuhn

President(s): Jerry DeWitt

Staff: Quinn Washington, Vice President; Kurt Lindberg, Software Specialist; Robb Stenman, Vice President of Marketing; Nancy Koontz, Brett McCann, Pam Cress, Pietra Cruz, Billie Black

Introductions: Kenton Kuhn, Stacy Ohlsson, and Walt Imhoff

Sponsors: Blacktie and Celebrity Lanes

Quote of the evening: "Why not?"

Blacktie Photos by: Chad Chisholm

 Stacy Ohlsson, left, with Ryta Sondergard, Walt Imhoff and Beth Klein
Stacy Ohlsson, left, with Ryta Sondergard, Walt Imhoff and Beth Klein

With over 400 individuals being previously featured in Blacktie's "Have You Met?" the 10-year anniversary celebration was especially exceptional. Blacktie founder Kenton Kuhn announced the staggering $62,000,000 in funds helped raised through non-profit partner’s efforts and the 10-year milestone.

Familiar faces including Edie Marks, Lois Paul, BJ Dyer, Guenther Vogt, and Jill DiPasquale all watched as Georgia Imhoff Award recipient Beth Klein was recognized for the tremendous work she does for the prohibiting of human trafficking. Named among 50 women in the world you would want “on your side,” including such individuals as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton, Klein is making a difference in the world through her cause.

The “super lawyer” and former member of the Kempe Foundation was all smiles when accepting her award from previous recipient Ryta Sondergard, speakers Stacy Ohlsson and Walt Imhoff, as well as the Blacktie team. 

The event was held at the newly opened Celebrity Lanes at Parker Road and Arapahoe Road, offering not just bowling but state of the art tv screens, great food and beverage and plenty of party space.

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