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October 18, 2011 - Friends of the Haven

What: The First Annual Fundraising Dinner and Auction to benefit The Haven.

Where: First Annual Fundraising Dinner and Auction

When: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time: 5:30 cocktails 7:00 dinner

Ticket Prices: $100 individuals, $190 for couples, $75 Young Professionals

Beneficiary: The Haven

Host(s): Bill Winn

Executive Director: Tom Brewster, Program Director: Daniele Wolff

President(s): Bill Winn

Staff: Dr. Stacey Bromberg, Karen Chappelow, Ty Johnson, Danielle Meir, Julie Rea, Tracy Thompson

Introductions: Carol Boigon

Speaker: Terrance Carroll

Sponsors: NextGen Fund of the Marquez Family, Beth and George Wood, The Nice Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and Donna Good

Quote of the evening: "This night is for women who broke their addiction and rose above the pain"- Judge Meyer

Attendance: 200

Attire: Cocktail

Board of Directors: Bill Winn, President; Bob Bardwell, Dr. Ingrid Binswanger, Donna Good, Cynthia Jones, Cecilia Mascarenas, Christine Staberg, Harold Tyber, Beth Wood

Blacktie Photos by: Chad Chisholm

 First Lady of Denver Mary Louise Lee-Hitchcock, left, with founding board member Peggy Montano
First Lady of Denver Mary Louise Lee-Hitchcock, left, with founding board member Peggy Montano

If the First Annual Fundraising Dinner and Auction is any measure of things to come, Friends of the Haven (FOH) has a lot to look forward to. The FOH’s mission is to provide financial and volunteer support to further the activities of The Haven and The Baby Haven whose charter is to provide a safe and empowering Therapeutic Community for pregnant women and their infant children where women can recover from addictions and co-occurring illnesses; deliver healthy, drug-free infants; improve parenting skills; and become self-sufficient, confident, and productive members of the community which will lead to increased public safety and reduction of recidivism.

Terrance Carroll, former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, playfully joked how his visit to The Haven made him feel he could be an uncle, not a father, as his paternal instincts were triggered. His support of the work of The Haven and Baby Haven rallied and unified the 200+ guests during the event, familiar faces Mary Louise Lee-Hitchcock, First Lady of Denver and Founding Board Member Peggy Montano were in attendance.