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December 01, 2011 - The YESS Institute Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary

What: The YESS Institute Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary

Where: Private residence

When: Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Beneficiary: Youth at Risk

Host(s): Glen & Jeanne Tubbs

Founders: Carlo Kriekels, co-founder with Susan Greer

Speaker: Carlo Kriekels and Portia Prescott

Attendance: 50+


Board of Directors: Thomas M. Doherty, Chair, Joél Contreras, Product Development, Kyle Henderson, Treasurer, Justin Krieger, JD, PR & Marketing, Yung Vu, PR & Marketing, Portia Prescott, PR & Marketing, Terri Slivka, Curriculum, Tal Edelstein, PR & Marketing, Product Development, Regan Byrd, Development, Kathy Orth, Development

Blacktie Photos by: Billie Black

 Clint Rasti, Regan Byrd, board member, Wendy Strait with founder Carlo Kriekels
Clint Rasti, Regan Byrd, board member, Wendy Strait with founder Carlo Kriekels

Happy 10th Anniversary to the YESS Institute!

They celebrated their 10th year of supporting and encouraging young students at risk of dropping out of high school through their mentoring programs.

In 2001, Carlo Kriekels and Susan Greer co-founded the YESS Institute, providing valuable emotional intelligence concepts to at-risk youth and role models in three Denver area high schools. The mission and passion of the YESS Institute is to inspire and engage youth through peer-to-peer mentoring and emotional intelligence skill building. They have proven that disconnected, failing high school students at high risk for dropping out will be successful in high school when enrolled in the YESS mentoring program. They support role models, agencies and schools with their innovative EmoSmart Leadership™ curriculum and peer mentoring model through training, consulting and coaching.

The evening's celebration was for the YESS Institute's ten years of dedicated service to many of the high school students Denver.

Hosted at the beautiful home of Jeanne Tubb, close to 50 guests, supporters, former employees and mentors gathered on this wintery Colorado evening. There was a glorious display of food and drink for guests to enjoy while chatting with friends and even a few former YESS employees who attended to support the evening.

Founder Carlo Kriekels welcomed the guests and talked about the YESS Institute. He also took a few moments to express how thankful he was for all of the support he has recieved over the past 10 years. Board member Portia Prescott also spoke briefly to the crowd. 

For more information on the YESS Institute and what they do, please visit Your interest and invovlement would be welcomed


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