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April 25, 2012 - Goodwill helps so many people around Colorado, who would have known?

What: Goodwill Power of Work Luncheon

Where: Marriott City Center

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time: 11-1

Beneficiary: Goodwill Denver

Master of Ceremonies: Greg Moss

Honoree(s): Dr. Don Cassata, Noel Ginsburg, Jannette Wooley, Reginald Toney, Jorge Nieves, Jackie Weimer

Presenting Sponsor(s): EON

Speaker: Micahel Hancock

Sponsors: EON

Event Coordinator: Venessa Clark

Board of Directors: Gregory Ball, Kelly Brough, Paul Demetter, Vanecia Kerr, Harold Klausner, David Leonard, Derrick Maes, Todd Munson, Brian Ondre, Deb Quinby, Dawn Tayolr Owens, Jesse Wolff, Scott Worrell, Jennifer Wozniak, Clifford E. Young

Blacktie Photos by: Steven Shoppman

 Jorge Nieves receiving his Bright Future Award as CEO Jesse Wolff looks on
Jorge Nieves receiving his Bright Future Award as CEO Jesse Wolff looks on

“Goodwill does much more than many people think,” said Jesse Wolff, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Denver. Many think of Goodwill as a thrift store that has a larger mission of helping people.  What most don’t know is exactly what the other part of Goodwill is. As Mr. Wolff pointed out, beyond the services that Goodwill actively performs to help the community, it is a basis to raise money for government via the sales tax charged at the stores. It is a way for goods to be sold to raise money for the community that would normally be discarded. In the case that goods are not able to be sold, they are recycled instead of sent to the landfill. Those were just a few of the items on the long list of things that Goodwill does.

But this luncheon was not about listing all of the many services of Goodwill.  It was about celebrating the services that help people form a brighter future.  From underprivileged youth to our senior citizens in need, Goodwill has done so much to help. In fact, the success of Goodwill’s programs has such an effect on the community that Jackie Weimer spoke of her experience with Goodwill that, “It was too good to be true, I thought it had to be a scam.”  Goodwill helped her to get a vehicle to assist her on her ranch due to her disabilities. Many people like Jackie feel as though there is no hope when they live in rural areas, but Goodwill is there to help.

The luncheon had so many inspiring stories told during the short two hours that it would take thousands of words to portray the positive messages. From students that get a break from their troubled youth to those overcoming addiction to the disabled having a chance at a normal life, Goodwill is there.  The heartfelt stories at this luncheon remind us that service should be part of all our lives, and that a difference can be made with even a small amount of effort.  One thing is certain, the small individual efforts by those in and around the Goodwill circle make for a huge difference in so many lives throughout Denver and the entire United States.


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