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May 18, 2012 - “Serving up a Brighter Future with Invest In Kids"

What: Invest in Kids 4th Annual Gala

Where: Where: Exdo Event Center.

When: Friday, May 18, 2012

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $175

Beneficiary: Invest In Kids

Mistress of Ceremonies: Anne Trujillo, News 7 anchor

Presenting Sponsor(s): The Piton Foundation

Honorary Chairperson(s): Betsy Crane, Lindsey Gutterman, Amy Middlekauff and Dr. Dean Prina

Co-Chair(s): Diane Reed and Catherine Goodwillie

Executive Director: Lisa Merlino

Committee Members: Auction Chairs: Diane Batchelor, Betsy Crane, Holly Wilcher Décor Chairs: Amy Middlekauff and Tricia Youssi

Staff: Sara Anderson, Catherine Goodwillie, Suzy Hannen, Babara Hughes, Stephanie Madrid, Lisa Merlino, Catherine Millard, Cathy Morrissey, Lisa Mulligan, Michelle Neal, Wendy Nadolny, Karen Niebrugge, Carolyn Rubenstein, Patrick Sablich, Lindsay Sherman, Julie Steffen, Kate Stoutamire, Kathleen Strom, Dori Suess and Jody Vongsakoun

Speaker: Cari Berget, Nurse-Family Partnership nurse, introducing Anahi Miranda, guest speaker and Nurse-Family Partnership program graduate

Catering: Barolo Grill, Happy Cakes, Linger, Olivea, Rioja, Row 14, Sushi Sasa and Vesta Dipping Grill

Entertainment: DJ Markie

Sponsors: The Piton Foundation, Inspirato, 5280 Magazine, The Wege Foundation, Regal Entertainment Group, Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP, Hyde Park Jewelers, Barbara and Holiday Goodreau, Laura and Bob Hill, The Colorado Trust, USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Onsight Public Affairs, Cook Street Consulting, Hanson & Co, RJ& L, LLP, The Integer Group, Morgan Smith Barney, Nurse-Family Partnership, Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti PC, Prevention Research Center, Western Orthopaedics, Katy and Greg Bante, Kara and Greg Bjork, Betsy Crane, Catherine and Andrew Goodwillie, Sarah and Eric Hilty, Jodi Blomber and Tim Macdonald, Katie and Joe Magner, Diane and Wiley Reed

Auctioneer: Gary Corbett

Attendance: 520

Attire: Cocktail

Special Thanks: TWINKS (Todays Women Investing in Kids), Sam Miller-ONLYCH1LD, City Bakery, Diana Dreman-Miss Colorado, EVOO Marketplace, Hilverda de Boer, Jeff Parr, Leigh Sullivan Enterprises, LGC Associates

Florist: Exdo Event Center

Donors: Live auction donors: Middlekauff Family, Margs Toco Bistro, NYSE, Lincoln Center, Richard Sandoval, Inspirato, Riverclub in Telluride, Hyde Park, Sheridan Chop House, Happy Cakes, Southwest Airlines, Colorado Nature Conservancy, Studio G, CMH-Revelstoke, Sugarlicious, Christie's Fine Art Auction, Two Skirts Clothing, Bauers Family, Urban Villages, 8750 Gym, Yotel New York and more than a hundred silent auction donors

Event Coordinator: Kelli Kindel Events, Bolder Events.

Decor/Rental Company: Luc Hughart, Museum of Contemporary Art, Event Rents, Saffron Design and Jays Valet

Board of Directors: Sean Waters (Chair), Marc Bradac, Eric Hilty, Gregory Kanan, Cathy Lemon, Timothy Macdonald, Adele Phelan and James Scarboro

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Anahi Miranda shares her story and her gratitude with supporters of Invest in Kids
Anahi Miranda shares her story and her gratitude with supporters of Invest in Kids


Don't limit investing to the financial world. Invest something of yourself, and you will be richly rewarded.     Charles Schwab

Invest in Kids, three words that can mean so much; invest in the future, invest in ourselves, invest in the most precious resource there is. And the return on Investment in kids can be measured on so many levels, but summed up with happier, healthier kids adding value to their communities and the world.

Invest in Kids was founded by a group of attorneys and other community leaders who were concerned about the increasing achievement gap between higher and lower income children and the increasing number of serious crimes committed by kids from a low-income background. This unique team of professional and socially-minded individuals helped create the foundation of standards and execution essential to a high level of effectiveness. Over the years, that commitment to success has not wavered.

Although the program might sound like a prospectus for an investment and some may wonder where the passion for service is to be found, attending just one Invest in Kids event would answer that question. Serving up a Brighter Future with Invest in Kids was that kind of an event. The Exdo Event Center was obviously designed with a passion for creativity, and the décor on Friday the 18th of May was filled with colors, flowers, balloons ribbons and lights. Although supporters of IIK span all ages the feel of the event and the evening was youthful, vibrant and overflowing with energy and excitement.

Food is almost synonymous with passion and that evening eight local eateries--Sushi Sasa, Olivea, Linger, Happy Cakes, Vesta Dipping Grill, Row 14, Rioja and Barolo Grill provided the passion on plates. For those needing a little lubrication for their passion four bars were conveniently placed around the center.

Anne Trujillo, as mistress of ceremonies, presided over the events on stage in regal style; first introducing event co-chairs Diane Reed and Catherine Goodwillie. Catherine and Diane welcomed guests and thanked them for their attendance and continued support of IIK. They asked for applause for the staff, board, donors and clients of IIK as well as the VIPs in the room who included many members of the Denver judicial community.

Invest in Kids Executive Director Lisa Merlino was next at the podium and she shared the Return On Investment report on the Nurse-Family Partnership program, a relationship-based program that partners highly-trained professional nurses with vulnerable first-time mothers and their babies. The program has a proven track record of serving 12,422 families in Colorado since the program began. The report by Lisa was rewarding and informative to those who understand the importance of quantifiable data. NFP Nurse Cari Berget and Anahi Miranda, Nurse-Family Partnership program participant, filled out those numbers with a human face.

At age 15, Anahi was battling severe drug addiction and depression, and became pregnant. Invest in Kids' Nurse Family Partnership paired her with Cari Berget: "Cari seemed to get me. She never judged me. She respected me and eventually became my mentor and my friend. She taught me that things would be difficult, but also believed I could do it. I am a better mom because of her. I don't know where I would be today without Cari, but I like where I am." Today, Anahi is a freshman at Regis University attending on a full ride scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On the screen above Anahi were pictures of her with her baby, a healthy happy residual dividend of Investing in Kids.

Some might say there is no such thing as a sure bet investment, Invest in Kids proves them wrong.




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