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June 07, 2012 - Think 360 Hosts an Inspiring Breakfast

What: A benefit for Think 360 Arts Complete Education

Where: Duncan Pavilion, Denver Art Museum

When: Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time: 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

Honoree(s): Kathryn Spuhler receiving the Ann Robinson Levy Award for Leadership and Maryo Gard Ewell receiving the Gully Stanford Award for Professional Excellence

EMCEE: Kelly Brough (head of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce)

Executive Director: Jane Hansberry

Staff: Michelle Shedro, Education Director Lauren Minnard, Program Associate Molly Burke Lawson, Marketing & Social Media Meagan Stirling, Administrative Coordinator

Speaker: Dr. Milton Chen

Board of Directors: Leslie Tweed King: President, Northern Trust; Ann Butler: Past Chair, Community Volunteer; Steve Boice: Treasurer, First Bank Holding Company; Robyn Dino, Event Planning & Fundraising; Liz Iracki, Sapiro Art Consultants; Frank Schuchat, Schuchat, Herzog & Brenman, LLC; Scott Sterling, University of Phoenix; Amanda Arthur, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce;

Blacktie Photos by: Steven Shoppman

 Kathryn Spuhler receives the Ann Robinson Levy Award
Kathryn Spuhler receives the Ann Robinson Levy Award

“Arts education is not just a piece on the plate of education, in many cases the arts is the plate that education is based on” – Dr. Milton Chen

During the 360 Arts Full Circle Celebration breakfast, too many great quotes were spoken from the various presenters and awardees. Dr. Milton Chen was chosen as the keynote speaker.  Deemed a Jedi Master by George Lucas, he is the director of Edutopia, a program in the George Lucas Educational Foundation. He spoke of the importance of arts in education, and along with the many other guests that eloquently spoke at the event, one could not leave with anything but a powerful feeling of the energy behind education and the arts.
In the beautiful Duncan Pavillion at the Denver Art Museum, the gathering of Think 360 supporters was an event that most would have been sad to miss. The breakfast was delicious, the event was inspiring and most of all, Think 360 is thriving due to the strong support of many great people.  With a mission to “lead Colorado in cultivating and sustaining the arts as essential to a complete eduation, a vibrant economy, and a dynamic community,” Think 360 works hard to protect the arts in our education system.
With budgets constantly being cut and an administration that often believes that the arts should be the first thing to go, Think 360 is there to ensure that we continue to have creative and free thinking generations past the horizon. With inspiring speakers like Kelly Brough or the Director of the Denver Art Museum Cathey McClain Finlon, the point was clearly made that the arts affects all of our lives, our decision making processes and our connections with the world around us. To illustrate, Maryo Gard Ewell received the Gully Stanford Award, Kathryn Spuhler received the Ann Robinson Levy Award and Ann Butler was inducted as a board emerita.
The work that Think 360 provides is essential to all of our futures, and supporting an organization like Think 360 has some really great perks.  Amongst them was the breakfast celebration last Thursday, which was likely the most inspiring way to start your day in Denver last week.
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