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September 27, 2012 - LPF Breakfast an early morning ray of sunshine

What: Limb Preservation Foundation Breakfast

Where: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

When: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time: 7 a.m.

Ticket Prices: Complimentary

Beneficiary: Limb Preservation Foundation

Founders: Dr. Ross Wilkins

Executive Director: Shelbi Perry

Menu: Muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes

Attendance: 350

Attire: Business Casual

Board of Directors: Ross Wilkins, MD, President; Larry Fine, Vice President; Jim Martin, Treasurer; Shelbi Perry, Executive Director; Laura Lemon, Director of Development and Communications

Blacktie Photos by: Chad Chisholm

 Greg and Darcey Ruegsegger, left, with Brett Ruegsegger and Dr. Ross Wilkins
Greg and Darcey Ruegsegger, left, with Brett Ruegsegger and Dr. Ross Wilkins

A beautiful Colorado morning greeted guests attending the Limb Preservation Foundation’s annual breakfast at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. With the 2013 calendar out, both human and canine models were in attendance alongside hundreds of breakfast-goers.

The Limb Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the care of patients with tumors, disease, infection, or injuries to their extremities. The correlation with canine advancements in treatments is of interest as the same type of tumors and blood cancers found in dogs are also found in children.

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Ross Wilkins, the mission of the Foundation is to support the prevention and treatment of limb threatening conditions.

Keynote speaker Kasey Johnson shared her story of how she came to the Limb Preservation Foundation. A student at Columbine High School during the deadly shootings in 1999, Kasey’s badly injured shoulder and neck underwent extensive “carpentry work” under the guidance of Dr. Wilkinson.

"I refuse to complain," said Johnson, "Because I am so grateful to have two functioning arms," she said of her injured extremity, which is still limited in mobility. "I cannot imagine not being able to hug and to hold my family." Inspired by Dr. Wilkinson's work, Johnson entered the medical field herself, becoming a nurse to help those facing difficult and life threatening situations themselves and using her experience and story to help them through difficult times.

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