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October 09, 2012 - Women's Foundation Hosts 25th Anniversary Champagne Party

What: Appreciation gathering for supporters

Where: RedLine Denver

When: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time: 4-7 p.m.

President(s): /CEO: Louise Atkinson

Staff: Jessica Black, executive assistant/marketing coordinator; Chrissie Butz, annual fund officer; Denise Delgado, manager of community initiatives and investment; Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller, VP for community initiatives and investment; Nancy Jo Hauk, VP of philanthropy; Jonathan Resnick, VP of finance & adminstration; Diane Tomecek, technical donor development manager

Welcome: Louise Atkinson

Speaker: Laura Merage and Josie Heath

Catering: Footers

Menu: Cheese and cracker display, spinach dip, grapes, 25th anniversary red velvet cake

Attendance: 130

Attire: Business

Board of Directors: Current trustees: Barbara Bridges, Stephanie Bruno, Carol Burt, Susan Campbell, Kelly Condon, Christine Daly, Paula Edwards, Veronica Figoli-Fleischer, Mary Ann Franklin, Nayantara Ghosh, Cathy Hart, Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins, Patti Klinge, Lynda McNeive, Kit Mura-smith, Kim Patmore, Anahita Pazirandeh Kemp, Lisa Pease, Pam Smith, Sandy Stein, Elaine Torres, Gaye Woods; For a list of honorary trustees:

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 PJ D'Amico, Executive Director of RedLine Gallery, with Louise Atkinson and trustee Barbara Bridges
PJ D'Amico, Executive Director of RedLine Gallery, with Louise Atkinson and trustee Barbara Bridges

Nearly 150 supporters crossed the line Tuesday night--the RedLine, that is.

Advocates, trustees and sponsors of The Women's Foundation of Colorado converged at RedLine Gallery to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the what has become the largest women's organization in the state, where equality, education and respect for women are top priorities.

Guests nibbled on hors d'oeurves and drank champagne and gathered to pay tribute to the 150 women who have served in a leadership capacity as trustees over the years. Josie Heath, one of the founding leaders, gave a resounding and at times shocking speech in which she described the tough battles that she, co-leader (and first board president) Dottie Lamm and many other advocates encountered when they tried to raise funds and awareness to women's issues.

The Women's Foundation President and CEO Louise Atkinson thanked everyone for attending, and a speech and video presentation by RedLine gallery artist and founder Laura Merage also outlined some shocking statistics, such as the fact that there have been more women murdered in the world than the number of men who have died in wars. "It's time to stop this," she passionately stated. "Redline doesn't mean stop; it means color outside the lines and think outside the box." She advocated for the merging of art, community and education; a mission that dovetails with The Women's Foundation's goal to better women's lives everywhere. "It's a proven fact that art, music and vigorous physical activity help children learn better," she said.

The gathering was full of confident, successful women, including Jigyasa Sharma and Ginny Creager, who participated in the 2012 Girl's Leadership Council, and Ginny was the recent recipient of the Dottie Lamm Leadership Award..

Attendees gleefully wrapped up the presentation by an impromtu rendition of "Happy Birthday," and we look forward to another 25 years and beyond of success stories for women.

To find out more about The Women's Foundation of Colorado, log on to:

For info about RedLine gallery, a center for contemporary art that combines an artist residency program with project-based community engagement in the arts, see


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