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April 13, 2013 - Happy 65th, Lutheran Family Services

What: Honoring the many people who have made the Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains a welcome refuge for those in need of special assistance.

Where: Colorado History Center

When: Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $150

Beneficiary: Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

Mistress of Ceremonies: Kim Christiansen

Committee Members: Nancy Beyer, Nick Beyer, Elaine Farrell, Shelly Girior-Johnson, Karla Kalahar, Jeanne Maloney, Kerry McCarthy, Cathy Pino, Linda Schippers, Donna Stratford and Carol Yoss

President(s): James Barclay, President/CEO

Staff: Jane Pope Meehan, vice president of resource development; Danette Goldhammer, special events manager

Invocation: Pastor Scott Abel from Our Father Lutheran Church in Centennial

Catering: Rendezvous Caterer

Music: The Stoneback Family Brass

Quote of the evening: "We are here tonight because of you." Jim Barclay, CEO

Menu: Colorado field greens with chard endive, goat cheese, smoked pecans with sweet bourbon vinaigrette. Red Bird Chicken brined in juniper berry brine over fried sweet polenta cake, and spring vegetable mélange. Vanilla bean crème brulee and chocolate ganache torte with vanilla bean whip cream and mixed berries.

Attendance: 250

Attire: Western Wear

Special Thanks: The gala planning committee and the sponsors

Board of Directors: Dr. William (Bill) Ayen--vocation: university senior instructor; Mr. Karl Berg, Jr.-- vocation: attorney; Ms. Jennifer Bick--vocation: fulltime volunteer; Ms. Katherine Cruson-- vocation: volunteer; Ms. Phyllis Eifler--vocation: business owner; Mr. Doug Eisenbrandt--vocation: director of corporate finance; Ms. Alana Hankins--vocation: broker associate; The Rev. Dr. Keith Hedstrom--vocation: pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church; Rev. Douglas Hill--vocation: pastor, Abiding Hope Lutheran Church; Rev. Patricia Holman--vocation: pastor, St. Paul's Lutheran Church-Albuquerque, NM; Rev. Ann Hultquist--vocation: pastor, Cross of Christ Lutheran Church; Mr. Keith LaShier--vocation: commercial real estate (Government Properties) broker; Mr. Todd Laurie--vocation: director of corporate development; Mr. Ron McFarland--vocation: teacher; Ms. Debbie Payne--vocation: homemaker; Mr. Mike Porter--vocation: president, Nexus Corporation; Mr. Will Schippers--vocation: owner/president, financial consulting firm; Ms. Karen Spies--vocation: author

Blacktie Photos by: Jan McNutt

 L to R: Ray Sorensen, Jane Pope Meehan, Jim Barclay, CEO
L to R: Ray Sorensen, Jane Pope Meehan, Jim Barclay, CEO

The glorious History Colorado Center opened its doors Saturday night to celebrate and honor one of the longest running non-profit organizations in the city, the Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains. 

For 65 years, the organization has been a steadfast haven for individuals and families. The Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is a faith based, non-profit human service agency helping children and families during their most challenging times. Those involved are committed to serving all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or age, since 1948. The LFSRM provides pregnancy counseling, adoption, foster care, family preservation, senior care and refugee programs.

The gathering Saturday night carried a western theme based on the great people of Colorado and how their spirit and generosity has kept the Lutheran Family Services' doors open for 65 years. 

Danette Goldhammer and Jane Pope Meehan, plus a long list of volunteers and staff, brought together supporters from Northern Colorado and across the city to raise funds for this important organization. The goal of of everyone there was for the LFS and another 65 years. 

The Stoneback Brass family orchestra provided chamber music during the silent auction cocktail hour and evening program. They were a perfect background to the festivities. The Stoneback family of five is made up of triplet (identical) daughters, with mother and father. The family also works as a music ministry in Denver and Colorado Springs. 

Everyone got into western. There was a colorful array of hats, fancy cowboy boots, vests, western snap shirts, tall hats, rhinestone laced jeans and necklaces. It was an evening where all aspects of Colorado, the Lutheran Family Services, and the old and new came together--where faith, friendship, and generosity were well-spoken words that mean service, and also means the Lutheran Family Services. 

For information on how you can volunteer or become involved, contact the Lutheran Family Services at In the Denver Metro area: 363 S. Harlan Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO, 80226; 303.922.3433 / 800.579.9496.


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