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April 13, 2013 - Project Education South Sudan Hosts 4th Biennial Arts + Artifacts

What: Biennial benefit

Where: Arthaus Gallery, 3343 Larimer

When: Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time: 6 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $50

Host(s): Michael Gadlin and Aliki McCain, co-owners, Arthaus Gallery

Honoree(s): Lost Boys of South Sudan

EMCEE: Tamara Banks

Honorary Chairperson(s): Ralph and Trish Nagel

Founders: Arts + Artifacts founder: Judith Babcock; PESS Founder: Carol Francis-Rinehart

Executive Director: Carol Francis-Rinehart

Committee Members: Participating artists: Darrell Anderson, Judy Babcock, Susan Bell, Kelly Berger, Penny Bidwell, Katy Charles, Mark Daily, Molly Davis, Jeff Desautels, Lydia Digby, Denise Eiseman, Michael Gadlin, Carol Goldberg Goldberg, John Harrell, Peter Heinman, Ron Hicks, Mo Ishii, Nancy Porteous Johnson, Kit Karbler, Peggy Larson, Maggie Levy, Kit Hevron Mahoney, Bobby Manning, Aliki McCain, Mary Ann Miro, Anita Mosher, Anthony Monaco, Cindy McCoy, Sheila Mungai, Randy Pijoan, Hannah Purmort, Ella Maria Ray, Regan Rosburg, Dmitri Rudenko, Paula Romero Schmitt, Phyllis Stone, Jason Thielke, Michelle Torrez, Kevin Weickbach, Ron Zito

Staff: Ray Stranske, project development; Teri Appel, education/school outreach; Rich Rinehart, finance; Alex Sheldon, program analyst/office manager; Daniel Majok Gai, South Sudan director; Abraham Deng Kuot, Save the Children International, Juba; Maker Lual Kuol, Bor County Commissioner

Libations: McNab Ridge Winery

Catering: Sambucas by Ayor Abiar, Enstrom, Red Square, Cafe Colore, King Soopers, Costco, Chili's, Shells & Sauce, ink! Coffee, Sahara, So Perfect Eats, The Market, Saucy Noodle, Grapevine Wine & Liquors

Sponsors: Jonglei Sponsors: The Milestone Group, Colorado State Bank & Trust, ArtHaus; Tong Pagook Sponsors: TransPower Company, Grant Partners LLC, Hardcastle & Associates LLC; Dinka Sponsors: Mike's Camera, Art Students League of Denver, Baxter's Bouquets, Joesephfotos, The Salida Circus

Auctioneer: Heather Lauren Quiroga, HLQ Events

Attire: Cocktail or African

Special Thanks: Celebrity bartenders: Tyrone Braxton and Kevin Clarke

Event Coordinator: Katherine Burley

Board of Directors: Ray Stranske, chair; Carol Francis-Rinehart, executive director/president; Daniel Majok Gai; Richard Rinehart, treasurer; Bol Abiar; Awilda Marquez; Advisors: Edward Harris PhD, David Bassiouni, Jr., Stephanie Pearson

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Judith Babcock, left, Trish Nagel and Carol Rinehart
Judith Babcock, left, Trish Nagel and Carol Rinehart

South Sudan became the world's newest nation in 2011. The story behind that momentous occasion involves some monumental commitment and perserverence that is nothing short of miraculous.

Sudan was torn apart by civil war in the 1980s, and as a byproduct, thousands of children began a trek across Africa, barefoot and alone. Many died--drowned, starved, shot...but many survived, simply because, in their words "we didn't want to die." The survivors became known across the world as the "Lost Boys," and were profiled most famously on the CBS documentary 60 Minutes.

Many of the Lost Boys and Girls have become successful in America. And many still have family and relatives still in Africa. With the help of angels such as Carol and Richard Rinehart and Ralph and Trish Nagel, along with many volunteers and supporters, work has been completed to rebuild Sudan and celebrate the birth of South Sudan. These saints have worked tirelessly to create schools and new communities in South Sudan so that the people there can proudly exist successfully and independently. The 4th Arts and Arftifacts event was held on Saturday at the ArtHaus Gallery in Denver to provide continued support to this mission. As Lost Boy Bol Abiar said from his heart in giving thanks to supporters: "You are saving the lives of human beings."

Project Education South Sudan (PESS) was created as a partnership of Sudanese and Americans in response to the destruction that resulted from the twenty-year civil war between northern and South Sudan. High illiteracy rates resulted from these decades of civil war. On July 9, 2011, South Sudan became its own independent nation and seeks its future as a functioning democracy.

In response to the high illiteracy rates, the mission of Project Education South Sudan (PESS) is to help fund and support the building of primary schools in rural Jonglei State, South Sudan. The project emphasizes the inclusion of girls and women in the educational opportunities they promote. PESS fosters community empowerment and leadership development in order to ensure that educational progress is sustainable. 40 Colorado and nationally renowned artists donated their work to raise funds for the last phase of the fourth and final school that PESS has helped build. Every piece of artwork was inspired by this year’s theme of “Sustaining Hope”.

PESS provides clean water wells, commercial grinding mills, cinderblock-making equipment, sewing machines and annual school supply money. Beyond brick and mortar, their organization mentors indigenous community and girl’s leadership development, teacher training, feminine hygiene health and income literacy programs, thus providing a micro economy in the village.

For more information or learn how you can help, visit


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