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May 07, 2013 - ADL's Centennial Celebration Dinner

What: 100th Anniversary Celebration

Where: Grand Hyatt Hotel Denver

When: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $300

Honoree(s): Distinguished Community Service Award: Jordon and Essie Perlmutter; Distinguished Corporate Leader Award: Wells Fargo

Co-Chair(s): Sharon Schonhaut, James Kurtz-Phelan, Dr. Marc Reissner

Executive Director: Regional Director: Scott Levin; National Director: Abraham H Foxman

Committee Members: DINNER COMMITTEE: Jim Kurtz-Phelan (co-chair), Dr. Marc Reissner (co-chair), Sharon Schonhaut (co-chair), Diana Zeff Anderson, Susan Brody, Lynn Cooper, Candy Figa, Karen Flaxer, Andy Gurrentz, Gil Hermann, David Ickovic, Adrienne Leonard, Steve Levine, Gary Rand, Linda Schatz, Ean Seeb, Steve Shapiro, Holly Stein Sollod, Lee Spitz; HONORARY COMMITTEE: Irv and Roz Ash, Bobbie Carr, Lisa and Shell Cook, Vicki and David Dansky, Jeannie and John Fuller, Jerry and Lorna Gray, Suzie Grazi and Marvin Stone, Debby Herz, Leland Huttner, Walt Imhoff, Carol and Harvey Karsh, Linda Kornfeld, Robert and Robyn Loup, Sue Miller Cohen, Julie and Brent Morse, Sister Lydia M Pena S.L., Lisa and Jonathan Perlmutter, Lisa and Jay Perlmutter, Dan Ritchie, Larry and Susan Siegel, Debbie and Don Silversmith, Marshall and Carol Tobin, Sandy Vinnik, Layah Wolpa

Staff: Scott Levin, regional director; Joyce Rubin, senior associate director; Shayna Alexander, associate director; Eve Powell, director of development; Allyson Hakala, assistant director of development; Paula Brown, project director; Mary Groote, administrative assistant

Invocation: Rabbi Bruce Dollin

Welcome: Andrea Shpall, regional board chair

Sponsors: The Curtiss-Lusher family, Don Scott, Joyce Zeff, Wells Fargo, Bain Family Foundation, Gold Family LLC, the Gold, Michelson, Perry-Rest, Alpert families, Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund, Micky and Louann Miller, the Perlmutter family, Jordon and Essie Perlmutter

Attire: Business

Board of Directors: National chair: Barry Curtiss-Lusher; Andrea Shpall, regional chair; Diana Zeff Anderson, Douglas Antonoff, Stephen Arent, Mark Arlen, Lawrence Atler, Elizabeth Aybar, Adam Berger, Rabbi Joe Black, Justin Borus, Alissa Brodie, David Brody, Susan Brody, Stephen Burg, Daniel Calisher, Sara-Jane Cohen, William Cohen, Barry Curtiss-Lusher, Gay Curtiss-Lusher, Fred Davine, Lee Davis, Albert Dinner, Steven Farber, Kenneth Feiler, Dan Feiner, Candace Cole Figa, Karen Flaxer, Craig Fleishman, David Fogel, Daniel Foster, Audrey Fishman Franklin, Peggy Goldman, Norman Gray, Andrew Gurrentz, Steven Gutterman, David Hauptman, Beth Hendrix, Gilbert Hermann MD, Peggy Hermann, Debra Herz, Gareth Heyman, Arlene Hirschfeld, Pamela Hirschman, David Ickovic, Samuel Jonas, Leslie Karotkin, Rob Klugman, James Kurtz-Phelan, Rachel Kurtz-Phelan, Adrienne Leonard, Bradley Levin, Scott Levin, Steven Levine, Marvin Levy, Samuel Levy, Jordan Linkow, Jeffrey Litman, Gary Lozow, Alison May, Kristin McCandless, Clyde McKenzie, Dan McKenzie, Laura Merage, Peter Nadel, Neil Oberfeld, Stuart Pack, John Plotkin, Melinda Quiat, Gary Rand, Michelle Reiff, Marc Reissner DDS, Rabbi Richard Rheins, Richard Robinson, Monica Rusenbluth, Jeffrey Sandman, Rich Saul, Linda Schatz, Sharon Schonhaut, Ean Seeb, Steven Shapiro, Larry Sigman, Robert Silverberg, Andrew Snyder, Holly Stein Sollod, Lee Spitz, Karen Steinhauser, Sheldon Steinhauser, Jay Taussig, Jennifer Taussig, Ruth Toltz, Debra Weinstein, Matt Weiss, Joyce Zeff

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Honorees Jordon and Essie Perlmutter, left, and Gary Lutz
Honorees Jordon and Essie Perlmutter, left, and Gary Lutz

In 1913, the Anti-Defamation League was formed to combat prejudice, stereotyping, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate. In some respects that seems a relatively short time ago, but looking back on what has happened in the world since then, the years have been trying and full of tragedy.

We would like to think that the world has progressed, but as speakers at the 100th anniversary dinner noted Tuesday evening, the bombing at the Boston Marathon indicates there is still a long way to go.

"Imagine a world without hate" is ADL's theme for the Centennial year. There are saintly supporters who give to their fullest to contribute to that goal .

The Distinguished Community Service Award went to Jordon and Essie Perlmutter, who have been leaders in the Denver community for more than 50 years. They are staunch supporters of ADL and have received numerous awards for their unwaivering commitment and support for Denver hospitals, financial institutions and religious organizations. Mr. Perlmutter spearheaded the building and raised $14 million for Shalom Cares, a residence facility for senior citizens.

The Distinguished Corporate Leader Award went to Wells Fargo, and the honor was accepted by Executive Vice President Gary Lutz. Wells Fargo sponsored ADL's "No Place for Hate" initiative, and they have contributed $3.7 million in Colorado alone and tens of thousands of volunteer hours to Colorado communities.

Also recognized during the evening were the generous gifts of $1 million each from Robert B Sturm and Gay and Barry Curtiss-Lusher. Mr. Curtiss-Lusher is also serving as ADL's national chairman, and has received accolades and highest regards for his work around the globe, including visits with President Obama and the Pope to promote ADL's mission.

Eight former and present board members also gave reflections on their perspective of ADL's important mission and their time to help acheive it.

We can only hope that the next centennial celebration can be dubbed "we remembered when there was hate." But for now, we thank those who contribute their incredible support so that we can imagine that time.

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