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June 08, 2013 - LFS Visits Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus

Where: Colorado Springs World Arena

When: Saturday, June 8, 2013

Time: Registration: 12:30; Private animal open house: 1:15 p.m.; 2:00 pre-show; circus begins: 3:00 p.m.

President(s): Jim Barclay

Sponsors: Ascension Lutheran Church, Bethel Lutheran Church, Black Forest Lutheran Church, Kohl's, Miller Promotions, Ray and Arlene Avischious, Red Onion Productions, Thrivent Garden of the God's Chapter, Thrivent Pikes Peak Chapter

Board of Directors: Past President: Mike Porter;Chair: Keith LaShier;Secretary: Alana Hankins;Vice-Chair Finance: Will Schippers;Vice-Chair Resource Development: Jennifer Bick;Vice-Chair Board Development: Keith Hedstrom;Vice-Chair Program Services: Ann Hultquist; For a complete list of board members and trustees, visit

Blacktie Photos by: Pamela Cress

 Chloe Brown, Miss Teen Colorado, left, with Sandy Parker and Reina Parker
Chloe Brown, Miss Teen Colorado, left, with Sandy Parker and Reina Parker

It was a beautiful day and kids of all ages got to enjoy party favors, special sights and sounds and spend the day at the "Greatest Show on Earth!"

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus came to Colorado Springs on Saturday and hundreds of patrons flocked to see the show, but Lutheran Family Services was able to procure some special treats to celebrate their 65 anniversary before the circus show.

Kids and adults alike were seen joking around with red clown noses, eating colorful cupcakes, wearing masks like the circus animals and posing for pictures with Miss Teen Colorado, Chloe Brown. Patrons got to go over to see the elephants, stallions and tigers before the circus show began, and have a stuntman and jugglers show them some pointers in the arena during the pre-show. Then everyone enjoyed the circus entertainment, and they went home with some great memories and special dreams tonight. 

It was a great opportunity for families to spend a special day together and also support Lutheran Family Services. Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is a faith based, non-profit human service agency helping children and families during their most challenging times. They help with foster care, pregnancy counseling, care for the elderly, refugee and asylee programs...the list is almost endless as to what they have accomplished to help people.

For information about how you can help or be helped, make a donation, attend an event or read about the programs and history of LFS, visit their website at

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