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June 11, 2002 - Cactus Cowgirls Kick Up Spurs for VOA

What: Cactus Flower lunch to kick-off Western Fantasy

Where: The Village Club

When: June 11, 2002

Beneficiary: Volunteers of America, Colorado Branch

Gala Chairperson(s): Sherri and Michael Huseby

Founders: Jean Galloway and Sharon Magness

Co-Chair(s): Cactus Flower co-chairs: Julie Graebel, Andrea Gray, Pam Ruschmeyer

Catering: Epicurean Catering

Attendance: 50

Attire: Western wear

Blacktie Photos by: Elizabeth Byrnes

 Cowgirls, summer style.  Jennifer May, left, Andy Carrington, and Debra McKenney.
Cowgirls, summer style. Jennifer May, left, Andy Carrington, and Debra McKenney.

By Elizabeth Byrnes

Round 'em up Cowgirl style! Western Fantasy gala co-chair Sherri Huseby asked the crowd of Cactus Flowers ladies to, "be a cowgirl and join our mission to help VOA and our country."

The Cactus Flower Luncheon was held at the Village Club, on June 11, to kick-off the ticket sales for the 2002 Western Fantasy Gala.

"Ticket sales are very important and we don't want people to feel pressured in selling them," said Pam Ruschmeyer, co-chair for the Cactus Flowers. "Sell individual tickets, get your friends and spouses involved."

Part of the ticket sales depends on the entertainment. Originally, the Dixie Chicks were to be the headliner for the 2002 Gala, but they canceled due to one of the Chicks announcing that she is pregnant.

Not to fear, Michael Huseby, co-chair with wife Sherri, told the gathered crowd that a new group has agreed to perform. No names have been mentioned; he would not even give a hint. “The final contract has not been signed, and I don't want to jinx it."

Some of the Cactus flowers at the lunch were: Kristin Arnold, Valere Shane, Debra McKenney, Jennifer May, Bonnie Mandarich, Grayson Walden and Rollie Jordan.

The Western Fantasy hopes to raise a million buckaroos to help continue the good services of VOA. The big gala will be held at the Western Complex on October 26 - mark your calendars.

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