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March 27, 2003 - Wonderful Cakebread Wines Wow AWS

What: American Wine Society's Cakebread Visit

Where: Denver Athletic Club Grand Ball Room

When: March 27, 2003

Beneficiary: American Wine Society, Denver Chapter

Honoree(s): Cakebread Vineyard

Committee Members: Joe Hubbard, Tina Lovelace- Sporkin, Jeff Sporkin, Shawna Clark, Allison Ahrens, Schultz Hartgrove, Lou Tornambe

Speaker: Dennis Cakebread

Catering: Denver Athletic Club

Attendance: 110

Attire: Business Attire


Blacktie Photos by: Kenton Kuhn

 Dennis Cakebread of Cakebread Wine and Joe Hubbard, President of the Denver Chapter of AWS.
Dennis Cakebread of Cakebread Wine and Joe Hubbard, President of the Denver Chapter of AWS.

by Kimberly Bauersfeld The appearance, aroma, aftertaste and overall impression of the American Wine Society, Denver Chapter's March wine event honoring 30 years of Cakebread Vineyard's wines was a satisfying success. All of the necessary components mixed perfectly to produce an educational and enjoyable evening of wine tasting.

The American Wine Society is a national organization designed to educate all ages of wine lovers on several aspects of wine from growing grapes to wine judging. Members range from wine novices to chefs and professional winemakers. Local chapters of the American Wine Society organize various events for members to get together and appreciate wine in several settings. Denver’s chapter is a fantastic way for local wine enthusiasts to get together and expand their wine knowledge. As a monthly event, Denver members and guests spend an evening tasting several wines and enjoying the expertise of guest speakers. March was no exception.

On Thursday, March 27 nearly 110 interested individuals gathered in the Denver Athletic Club’s Grand Ballroom to honor Cakebread Vineyards for thirty years of creating extraordinary wines. Guests turned their attention to senior vice president of Cakebread Vineyards, Dennis Cakebread, as he described the history of his family wines and walked tasters through eight spectacular Cakebread wines. The wines included: a 2001 Sauvignon Blanc, 2001 Chardonnay, 2000 Chardonnay Reserve, 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1998 Benchlands, 2000 Merlot, 1997 Merlot from winery and a 2000 Pinot Noir also from the winery. Although several of these wines are only available in Napa Valley, where they are made, guests showed a strong interest and enjoyment in the wines.

Mr. Cakebread introduced his wines with an entertaining history of the past 30 years. His grandfather started making the wine and Mr. Cakebread can clearly recall the time when he personally placed the labels on the bottles before sale. The first business for Cakebread was 156 cases of Chardonnay that were each sealed and corked by a Cakebread family member. The vineyard is now selling 85,000 cases of wine per year. The interest and devotion that wine drinkers have shown for Cakebread Vineyards over the past 30 years is obvious although Mr. Cakebread told guests that after their first several bottles he and his father told each other “We’ll just drink the wine ourselves if they can’t sell”. The enjoyment and pride that Mr. Cakebread has for his family’s wines is and obvious component of their great success. He passionately described how exciting it is “working from start to finish, soup to nuts, A-Z” and seeing the entire process take place to create a product. Mr. Cakebread continued speaking to guests and presenting the eight Cakebread wines that were tasted while the guests used scoring sheets to determine personal preferences.

Mr. Cakebread brings a refreshing passion to winemaking and WSA guests clearly enjoyed his presentation.

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