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June 26, 2003 - The Rat Pack Supports ArtReach

What: Ultimate Cocktail Party

Where: Home of Linda and Rusty Scott

When: June 26, 2003

Beneficiary: ArtReach

Host(s): Rusty and Linda Scott

Honorary Chairperson(s): Honorary Directors of ArtReach: Jamie Angelich, Colleen George, Kalleen Malone, Noel Cunningham, Leo Goto, Ginger Merelli, Bill Griffith, Martha Davis, Joan Maclachlan, Mary Lou Paulsen

Founders: This event was created by Rich & Holly Kylberg

Executive Director: Tracey Blustein

Staff: Administrative Volunteers: Nancy Dean, Catharine Fogg, Virginia Hindley, Tom Mates, Jeri Orum, Don & Melanie Ruscio, Jack & Rita Schuster

Libations: Unique cocktails were created just for this event by each of the restaurant's bartenders.

Entertainment: "Dino Martino Quartet" from Pro Entertainment Group,

Music: Legendary pianist, Ralph Sharon

Menu: Truffled Lobster Tamale, Foi Gras & Duck Confit with Grilled Peaches, Sauteed Shrimp Cakes with Almond Crust and Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Grilled Lamb Chop with Oregano Garlic Chimmichuri, to name a few

Attire: "Rat Pack" Finest, or Cocktail Attire

Hors D'Oeuvres:: Indigo Restaurant, Sushi Den, ChefJam, Lola, Bistro Vendome, 240 Union, Manor House, Chinook Tavern

Information: ArtReach 303-433-2882

Planning Committee: A party of this magnitude without a planning committee? Yes, it can be done, and with style, by these dedicated and generous people... Tracey, Holly, Rich, Linda, Rusty, and Valerie.

Board of Directors: Karye Wilhelm, Amy Gibbs, Ruth Beriault, Lorenzo Chavez, Liz Frawley, Ellen Gysin, Lee Keatinge, Leslie Tweed King, Rich Kylberg, Ann Looby-Beerman, Don Maher, Mary Meade, Diane Metz, Marc Rosenberg, Molly Ross, David Stacy, Namcy Stamper, Denise Warzel

 ArtReach Executive Director, Tracey Blustein with Host Rusty Scott
ArtReach Executive Director, Tracey Blustein with Host Rusty Scott

The “hippest” place to be on Thursday, June 26, 2003 was at ArtReach’s Ultimate Cocktail Party, on the grounds of Linda and Rusty Scott’s estate. An inviting swimming pool complete with fountains, lush flower gardens, and the acres of lawn shadowed by trees set the stage. Who would know that the party wasn’t in the Hollywood Hills? Guests were encouraged to wear their “Rat Pack” finest at this 50’s-style party, and no detail was missing from their “costumes” including the bottomless cocktail and the ever-burning cigarettes. Even though they looked real, the cigarettes were a novelty item from a kid’s (?) toy store in North Cherry Creek. The bottomless cocktails, however, were real, created just for this event by the bartenders from eight of Denver’s finest restaurants. 240 Union, Chinook Tavern, Indigo Restaurant, Sushi Den, ChefJam, Lola, Bistro Vendome, and Manor House also served signature Hors D’oeuvres. Pro Entertainment’s Dino Martino Quartet featuring lead singer Geoff Meyer took patrons back in time as they hummed along to old Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs. All of the proceeds from The Ultimate Cocktail Party will benefit ArtReach, Inc., which is the leader in providing art experiences to at risk populations in the Metro area. Every year, tens of thousands of children, families, adults and seniors benefit from the major programs sponsored by ArtReach: Community Events, Arts Benefiting Kids, and over 100 cultural arts organizations and venues which provide tickets to cultural events. “The arts are like a candle in a window during a dark night, giving light to hearts and souls who might not otherwise share in the riches of life.”

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