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February 22, 2004 - Honor, Educate and Cure: Artma

What: Artma and The Children's Hospital; food walkabout and art auction

Where: Lighting Service, Inc. 241 S. Cherokee St

When: February 21, 2004

Beneficiary: The Children's Hospital and The Morgan Adams Foundation

Host(s): George McClure

Mistress of Ceremonies: Kyle Dyer, 9News

Founders: Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams

Executive Director: Joan Slaughter

Committee Members: Valerie and Alan Appelbaum,Jannell Aune, Stefani Cochran, Bari DeJaynes, Nikki Di Tommaso, Kristi Fisher, Deb Gorney, Renee Krumpholz, Charlotte Lason, Lissa Moon, Anne Schrader, Stephanie Seebaum, Lyn Slaughter, Sue Slaughter, Chris Tanko, Sonya Urein, Maria Wilson, Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter

Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Forman and Dr.Lia Gore

Libations: Skyy Vodka, Coors Brewing, Fiji Water, Luna Coffee, Midwest Beverage Distributing, Robert Mondavi Winery, Evian Water

Catering: Strings, 240 Union, Cielo, Dougal's Catering Services, Tuscany, Loews Denver, Japon, Wolfgang Puck, Baldoria, Johnson & Wales, Michael Geller, Midwest Beverage Dist.

Entertainment: Robin Ruscio Trio and the Peter Somer Quartet

Sponsors: Stanek Constructors, 5280 Magazine, Lighting Services, Anaconda Printing, Hagan Comm., Kohl's Department Store, Steven Adams Photography, Local #7, Chipoltle, Mountain States Bank, Paula and Keith Redmond, Animal Crackers Framing, Bouquets, Everyman'sValet, Eye Candy Graphics, Listen Up, Reed Photo, Fidelity Comm., Elizabeth Adams, Marylyn and Neal Adams, Aum Framing, Nancy and Michael Dixon, Do-it-UR-Self Plumbing, E-Strt Comm., Effusions, Redshift Framing, Sol, Ann and Rick Strong

Auctioneer: Dave Welton

Gala Production: International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees local #7

Quote of the evening: "We love you to alpha infinity, bigger and wider then the whole universe."

Menu: Walkabout feast

Attendance: 800

Attire: Gallery opening attire

Special Thanks: Alice Sperling, Karen Keelen Cain at Chair Rentals,The Opera Shop, Renee at Flying Cricket Promotionals and Camren Photographies,Terry Dennet, Mike Purcell, Gary Everett and their Fabulous Crew and

Florist: Bouquets


Executive Producer(s): Lighting Services, Inc.

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Morgan Adams smiles down on the guests
Morgan Adams smiles down on the guests

Marcelo Mainzer Joy, beauty and art often arise from sadness and strife, which makes it all the more sweet and powerful.

Walking into the big sound stage at Lighting Services Inc. for Artma the first of many blessings the guests received was a smile from Morgan Adams, her photo portrait hung high in the rafters.

The collection of art ranged from the silly to the sublime, from the homey to the heartfelt. The variety of textures, fabrics and materials dazzled the eye and the mind. Of course, there were beautiful paintings like Rose Kelly’sGoshen County and the haunting Blind Seer by Santiago Perezin. There were water colors, oils, pastels, acrylics and the walls were hung with photographs like Susan Kopecky’s Malignancy and Steven Adams Drugstore, but the variety of mediums stretched to include steel, glass, wood, paper, stoneware and concrete and there were gems and jewels, jackets and junk…. Ah, found art.

The artists too came in all sizes and shapes, those including the very young at heart, old souls in children’s bodies, trained, seasoned professionals and hopeful newcomers. What the over 150 artists had in common was that they all put a bit of their love, passion and emotion into the work they brought and they came together to honor children like Morgan Adams who suffers from cancer.

Children’s Hospital has been treating children for over a 100 years and ranks fourth in the nation of all hospitals that care for children. Children’s Hospital partners with schools, volunteers and the corporate community to provide children and their families with an integrated pediatric healthcare delivery system. In simple terms, that means that Children’s is always striving to meet the challenges that face children with cancer and their families.

The ties between Artma and Children’s Hospital are loving and deep, Many of the volunteer and committee members for Artma come from the hospital, including Lisa Moon, who serves in development and special events and Stephanie Seebaum who serves on the board.

As the guests arrived they were greeted by several bars set up around the room and the mouthwatering aromas of a cornucopia of food donors including Strings, 240 Union, Tuscany, Wolfgang Puck’s, Dougal’s Catering, Baldoria, Loews Denver and Japon.

This is the third year for Artma and each has been more successful then the last. Perhaps this is due to the wonderful leadership of Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams or the quality of all the volunteers, artists and vendors involved, or maybe it’s the great merit of cause. Whatever the cause the result is an event that packed the soundstage with over 800 people.

Every age group was represented, from baby Jackson Taite to the distinguished and impeccably dressed Lola and Lee Council. In fact, it was a grand night for people watching and couture.

Adjacent to the reception area volunteer crews from Expanets, Avaya and Lucent were busily tallying the bids as they came in from the volunteers set at each gallery in the showing.

Excitement, art, good food, caring people! This is an event that is not to be missed.

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