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March 06, 2004 - Future Givers PAVE the Way

What: Fourth Annual Future Givers Benefit and Dance

Where: Inverness Hotel and Conference Center

When: March 5, 2004

Beneficiary: Project PAVE; Promoting Alternatives to Violence through Education

EMCEE: Steve Sewell, former Denver Bronco Running Back

Honorary Chairperson(s): Lynne Sullivan

Founders: Daniel Bell

Co-Chair(s): Patrick Ziegler and J.J. Sullivan

Executive Director: Jim Bernuth of Project PAVE

Committee Members: Alex Vickers, Sonia Palmieri, Jana Berglund, Alex Pritzlaff, Katie McKenney, Jackie Pussey, Josh Reichert, Megan Slattery, Tim White, Molly Parker, Caitlin Bell, Anna Brown, Collin Schmidt, Stacy Hertzog, Sylvia Henry, David McCormick, John Bowlen Alex Alston, Lauren Miller, Erin Exley, Jared Block, Patrick Dolan, Sean Perlmutter, Sarah Reichert, T.J. Slattery, Erica Polo, Gracie Johnson, Annmarie Salcito, Schyler Swenson, Andrew Duke, Lauren Parker, Jenny Phelps, Zach Tedeschi and Alex Vinton

Welcome: Jim Bernuth

Speaker: Steve Sewell and Kenny Angelo

Entertainment: Scott Gray/Pyramix Interactive

Sponsors: Jim and Lynne Sullivan, Larry Mizel, Arthur and Patricia Modell, Chris, Tammy and Elizabeth Marsico, Bowlen Family, Denver Broncos, Ladd Foundation, Cecily Grant, Bruce and Nancy Deifik, Bergland Family, Carylyn Bell, James Lustig, Richard Sapkin, Daniel Snyder, Brownstein Hyatt &Farber, Barbara Galagher, A.L. Metzger, Elizabeth B.Searle, Dr. Ted Schlegal, Martin Banblik, Coors Brewing Co., Yolanda Saltus, Jack and Alice Vickers, McKenny Family, Harold Henderson, J. William Artist, Margaret Sahlen Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Huizenga, Millice Group, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Phillips, John Bowlen, Jay Block Family, Mindy Miller, Daniel O’Shaughnessy Family, Gordon and Jane Netzorg, Ellen and Don Scott, Joy Johnson, Stephen Julia, Ziegler Family and The Green Bay Packers

Attendance: 400

Attire: Dance chic

Special Thanks: Kathleen Ziegler, Elaine Gampel, Ann Pritzlaff, Annabel Bowlen

Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ergen, Steven and Faye Demby, Charles G.Rolles, NFL Films, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beriault, Gene and Walter Koebel, Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld, Fredrick and Barbara Baumann, T.R. and Velma Mestas, Robert S.Boswell, John and Nancy Stamperm, Faye Gardenswartz, Goldworks Inc, Sean Smith, Ellen Pena, Jon Cook, Todd Horn, Marla Williams, Charlie Pugh, Scott Gray/Pyramix Interactive, W.A. Bowlen, James Galbreath, Jack and Loretta Rule and Nancy Sanger

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 The decorating committee Stacy Hertzog, Gracie Johnson and Erin Exley
The decorating committee Stacy Hertzog, Gracie Johnson and Erin Exley

Marcelo Mainzer

The energy generated by 400 teenagers at the Inverness Hotel and conference center was almost palpable. Whether it was one of the committee members addressing a last minute detail or one of the Future Givers talking and “chillin,” they glowed with potential.

Future Givers, now in its fourth year, has given over $110,000 to benefit Project PAVE. When Daniel Bell wanted to learn how to run a charity event, he turned to his mother Carylyn Bell (President of Corporate Stock Transfer). Ms. Bell walked him through how to form committees, plan the event, and ask for money.

Since then the event has grown to include several prominent high schools. This year Kent Denver, Saint Mary’s, East High, Cherry Creek and Denver Academy helped with the organization and in addition invited Future Givers from Colorado Academy, School of the Arts and Regis High. These are the children of families who have a long history of philanthropy in Colorado.

It is a sign of maturity and understanding that the recipient of the event’s fundraising is Project PAVE (Promoting Alternatives to Violence through Education). Future Givers know how lucky they are to be born into families with resources. They also know that they are helping less advantaged students achieve their goals.

On Saturday night, the first onstage to quiet the exuberant crowd were event co-chairs J.J. Sullivan and Patrick Zeigler, who thanked everyone for coming and invited the core committee members to come up and receive their thanks from the guests and sponsors. They then welcomed former Bronco running back Steve Sewell to the stage.

Steve Sewell began by recounting some anecdotes from his career like how he was the only player to have thrown quarterback John Elway a TD pass. Steve said that he personally understood the value of Project Pass because he was born in the “Hood” and knew the challenges that face kids there. He credited his success to the discipline of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. He urged the kids to “Continue to give and volunteer your time,” he said, “Help as many people as you can.”

Project PAVE is a local nonprofit dedicated to stopping the cycle of violence through prevention, education and counseling. Most kids who hurt others have been hurt themselves. PAVE staff and volunteers train kids with programs in: anger management and impulse control, stress reduction, parent-child dynamics and sibling rivalry, just to name a few. These programs focus on accepting responsibility, building victim empathy, and understanding their own victimization. Their goal is to help these youth heal and empower them to develop healthy relationships in their lives.

Jim Bernuth, Executive Director of Project PAVE, was the next person to speak to the Future Givers. He related having received a donation from a girl, now a woman, who had been abused. She blessed the people at PAVE for working to break the cycle of violence she had had to face. This woman showed her support not only in touching words but also with a donation.

Last to take the stage and perhaps the most impressive was Kenny Angelo, a recipient of Project PAVE. He first thanked his grandmother for taking him in and giving him a safe place to live. He said that when he was young he was hit indiscriminately and then scolded for bleeding in the car. With the help of PAVE and his grandma, he was able to succeed academically and finished high school sixth in his class. With scholarship assistance, Kenny will attend Cornell University in their veterinary science program; he is also engaged to a beautiful woman.

The speeches were brief and powerful. And though the kids were glad to have participated in supporting the work of Project PAVE, they were there that night to dance and dance they did.

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