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June 14, 2004 - Art Against AIDS: Art Wins!

What: 17th Annual Art Against AIDSAuction

Where: INVESCO Field at Mile High, United Club Level

When: June 12, 2004

Ticket Prices: $30 if purchase online

Beneficiary: Colorado AIDS Project

Host(s): Pamela Davis and Justin Farmer Fox 31's News, Good Day Colorado

Presenting Sponsor(s): Tanqueray and HealthOne Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center

Executive Director: Deirdre Maloney

Committee Members: Frank Ackerman, Kelly Ahrendt, William Biety, Carter Case, Steve Case, David Castle, Robin Chalecki, Dee Chirafisi, Tim Cook, Wendy Foster, Brad Goeres, Rick Grasmick, Scott Henderson, Bill Jamieson, Kit Karbler, Randy Kilbourn, Jason Knezel, JoAnn Mast, Manny Mendez, Colleen Miller, Harry Moline, Greg Ravenwood, Mike Robinson, Dmitri Rudenko, Lee Rudofsky, John Schlegel, Joy Seacat, Terry Smith, Mark Uscier, John Wood, Steve Zeiden

Staff: Deirdre Maloney, Jacqueline Long, Bettina Harmon, Pam Semmler, Diana Cable, Robert George, Anthony Hodes, Laurie Tomlinson, Harry Moline, Jane Hajovsky and Doug Miliken

Welcome: Deirdre Maloney

Catering: Center Plate Catering (INVESCO contractor)

Of note: Thank you to the framing partners and tireless volunteers, Costco Wholesale; Bob Dean and Dan Lenhart, LMD Productions; Rodd Metcalf

Auctioneer: Gary Corbett - Auctioneer

Attendance: 600

Special Thanks: Amy Weigel, Special Events Manager INVESCO Field at Mile High, Sergeant Martinez and Sheriff Robinson of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Grant Rorvick; Champions on Ice, Melissa Harris; Studio Harris, Harry Moline, David Williams, Todd McKinley & Jackie Long for your hard work – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Decor/Rental Company: TDA -* Design and Production for the flowerw

Board of Directors: Ann Murphy, President; Robert Nogueira, Vice President; Darrell J. Vigil, Treasurer; Mary Rueda, Secretary; David Alexander, Amy Arquilla, Rich Corbetta, Larry Davis, Wendy Foster, Chad Kenney, Ken Lichtenstein, Terence Shea

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 Click here to see works of
Click here to see works of "Art Against Aids"

Marcelo Mainzer

At five thirty on Saturday the 12th the winds tore and howled around the graceful architecture of INVESCO Field, colorful skirts and jackets were tugged and twisted. Once inside though arriving guests were warmed and welcomed by the smiles of three CAP volunteers.

Arts Against AIDS now in its 17th year, is a celebration of life and beauty, of intelligence and creativity. This years Fine and Decorative art auction presented items spanning a spectrum of styles, mediums and categories.

Two large portraits of a Victorian couple, done in the most conservative style contrasted with “Planted Seed” a steel round stock welded mobile which could grace a Frank Lloyd Wright house of concrete and glass.

These years featured artist Bill Starke, sculptor, offered “climbers” is evocative of people working together and reaching a goal. The image of “Climbers” decorated the promotional material of the event. The spirit of working together has been the hallmark of the Colorado AIDS Project since its inception in 1983.

When CAP began it was almost entirely volunteer staffed and offered a few programs for the first documented cases of HIV in Colorado. Now CAP has almost a dozen staff members and a small army of loyal volunteers.

In 1982 there were 17 documented cases of HIV/AIDS in Colorado, as of the end of December 2003 14,248 people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Colorado. Of those people 4,714 have died. During 2003 AIDS caused the deaths of an estimated three million people worldwide.

To meet the needs of sufferers in Colorado CAP has grown in services from its beginnings as a volunteer-staffed, grassroots response to HIV/AIDS to three branches of service.

Beginning with the Wellness Resource and Housing Services Center where any man, woman or child with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis in the greater Denver area is eligible for CAP's services and referrals at low or no cost. Case Management Assistance is offered in both English and Spanish. Culturally and linguistically specific services are offered upon request.

Case Managers assist clients in the following areas: Referrals to medical, housing, financial, nutritional and other resources within CAP. HIV education, a series of workshops designed to provide HIV information and harm reduction techniques to HIV positive people. Linkage to primary care and support with medication adherence, coordination of services with community care providers. Financial Assistance Programs: Emergency financial assistance with rent, phone or utility bills. Medical insurance and transportation. Nutrition Counseling to provide the latest information on nutrition as it relates to HIV/AIDS and antiretroviral medications. A Food Bank assists clients by providing food to supplement their nutritional needs of people living with HIV infection and their medication regime.

The Prevention Center provides a diverse group of HIV prevention programs to populations most impacted by the HIV epidemic. The Center provides extensive training to other HIV prevention professionals and collaborates with numerous local and national groups and coalitions providing HIV prevention material, data, and information. Programs like TNT specifically reach out to women, youth, and communities of color. Conveying HIV/AIDS education and prevention messages TNT provides speakers for presentations to schools, businesses, jails, safe houses, and shelters throughout the Denver metro area. Trained speakers share personal stories, messages about risk, safer behavior and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Other methods used are peer-to-peer advocacy by educating a team of youth advocates who become spokespeople within their communities. Heart of a Woman program recognizes the incredible value of women in our society and encourages women to gain a higher sense of self-importance. Heart of a Woman is a group-level intervention program providing a comprehensive six-part workshop series to educate women about their HIV risks. By helping women identify their HIV risk factors and promoting safer behaviors and provides a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course. Workshops focus on relationships, negotiation skills, condom use and self-esteem. The Heart of a Woman series is provided in English and Spanish.

The Project LIFE program uses a short-term series of client-centered, one-on-one prevention counseling sessions to help clients identify risky behaviors. They are designed to help clients develop a plan of action, to reduce identified behaviors and promote higher self-esteem by developing tangible goals and work plans. The program helps participants empower themselves to maintain a new “norm” of healthier behavior and safer sex practices. Project LIFE has customized action plans designed specifically for each individual client. The program manager provides referrals to case managers, social services and other programs when needed. Services are provided in English and Spanish.

Prevention Connection’s goal is to change community norms and reduce HIV infections and re-infections through risk-reduction information and activities at various outreach interventions. The Speakers Bureau provides speakers for presentations to schools, businesses and community events throughout the Denver metro area. The Speakers Bureau gives a face to the statistics.

The CAP Counseling Program offers a wide variety of counseling services for CAP clients and HIV positive individuals in the community. Because the program is supported in part by the Ryan White Care Act, and to a large extent by dedicated volunteers from the professional community, we are able to offer it free of charge. The services include Individual Counseling/Substance Abuse Counseling, Drop-In Support Groups, Ongoing, Closed Support and Therapy Groups, Time-limited, Closed Support and Therapy Groups, Counseling Services, Short-Term Individual Counseling for Family Members, Couples Counseling, Couples Counseling and Family Counseling.

All of these programs require support through volunteerism and funding. To achieve this CAP hosts almost a dozen events a year including Art Against AIDS at which celebrities like Pamela Davis and Justin Farmer extol concerned citizens to continue their support of CAP and the community has the opportunity to bid on unique art and decorative items. At the Art Against AIDS not only were the items a treat for the eyes but the view from United Airlines club level was spectacular and the culinary treats included a chocolate fountain. Gary Corbett gave a humorous and energetic lesson on bidding before facilitating the actual auction.

Upcoming events are Urban Fusion Thursday, June 24, 2004, Rock Island - Denver, CO, Red Ribbon Golf Tournament, Arrowhead Golf Club - Littleton, CO, 19th Annual Cruise Against AIDS a motorcycle cruise, Sunday, July 25, 2004 and the

The words of Bill Starke say it well, “Human beings interacting, colliding, cooperating, striving and achieving.”

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