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August 30, 2004 - Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable

What: CPGR's 16th Annual Summer Symposium

Where: Inverness Hotel and Golf Club

When: August 26, 2004

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $165

Beneficiary: Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable

Master of Ceremonies:

Presenting Sponsor(s): Wells Fargo Bank

Gala Chairperson(s): Jim Gumpert, CPGR President

Founders: Douglas G. Laub , Betsy A. Mangone, Scott R. Lumpkin

Executive Director: Jim Gumpert

Staff: Tina Drum, Organizational Manager and Michele Littel, Accountant

Introductions: David Miller

Speaker: Debra Ashton, Janne G. Gallagher, Charles B. Gordy, Christopher R. Hoyt, Tanya Howe Johnson, Scott R. Lumpkin, Betsy A. Mangone, Jane Peebles & R. Jay Ribble

Catering: Inverness Hotel and Golf Club

Of note: 20th Birthday Celebration

Sponsors: Wells Fargo Private Client Services, Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado, The Denver Foundation, American National Bank, First National Bank of Colorado , LMC Community Foundation, Foundation Source, BIBSTER LLC, CREC, Denver Management Advisors & Rose Community Foundation

Attendance: 225

Attire: Business Casual

Special Thanks:

Planning Committee: James E. Gumpert , David C .Hall , Marcia Ashton, Edy Hughes , Dan Harris, Carmen M. Neu, Gloria Carlson, Nancy Thauvette, Gayle Fitzgerald, Richard Holz , Maura Ridge, Sara Knowles, Tina Drum and Gina Taranto

Board of Directors: James E. GuMarcia Ashton, Sara M. Knowles, Dan Rich, Gordon Smith, Karen Wibrew , Peter Tedstrom, Edy Hughes, Beverly Morrato, David C. Hall, Norm Close, Diane E. Carabello, CFRE, Philip V. Keenan, J.D., CPA, CFP and Daniel P. Harris

Blacktie Photos by: Marcelo Mainzer

 CPGR Board of Directors President, James E. Gumpert
CPGR Board of Directors President, James E. Gumpert

By Marcelo Mainzer

The Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable celebrated it’s 20th Birthday on Thursday the 26th at the Inverness Hotel and Country Club. Attending the luncheon party were friends of CPGR from around the country.

The sold out event was part of the 16th Annual Summer Symposium, a dynamic western region planned giving conference for fundraisers, nonprofit managers, board members and professional advisors in the field of estate planning, with sessions provided for three levels of experience beginning, intermediate and advanced.

Attendees poured from the conference rooms and were given time to network before meeting in one of the patio banquet rooms at the Inverness, where CPGR Summer Symposium Chair, James E. Gumpert greeted the crowd. He began by acknowledging the The Denver Foundation and the Rose Community Foundation for providing fifteen scholarships to the event.

Jim then asked that the Symposium committee members to rise to be applauded for their efforts. He then announced the special birthday celebration and thanked the Foundation Source, roundtable sponsor and Wells Fargo Bank the title sponsor for the event.

Judy Dowling V.P. Wells Fargo came to the podium and said, on behalf of Wells Fargo, “We're honored to be the title sponsor of the Symposium, particularly in view of Wells Fargo’s involvement in the nonprofit community as a sponsor and in our fiduciary role as a trustee or agent for several large private foundations and charitable trusts."

She then introduced Lyn James from Wells Fargo Bank, Charitable Group from Los Angeles who thanked the attendees for coming and invited them to stop by the Wells Fargo table to get more information on how the bank could serve their needs.

James Gumpert returned to the podium and invited the attendees to also visit the display sponsor tables BIPSTER LLC, Charitable Real Estate Consulting and The Denver Management Advisors before introducing Mike Roque, Director Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships who delivered a present to CPGR from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in the form of a proclamation that Thursday August 26, 2004 will to be known as Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable Day.

Mike explained the mission of the Office of Strategic Partnerships is to serve as a liaison to the nonprofit and foundation sectors to find new resources and better utilize the resource that are out there, to develop a partnership with the city in serving the needs of the citizens of Denver. Mike then proceeded to read the proclamation.

Next on the agenda, Jim introduce the “CPGR players” Michael Donegan , Sara Knowles , Lonnie McCabe and Lynda Wright who gave a humorous rendition of "There’s no Business like Show Business,” adapted to for the occasion, followed by Lynda Wright former CPGR President who gave an overview of the history of CPGR beginning with its humble three person roots Douglas G. Laub, Scott R. Lumpkin, Betsy A. Mangone as an affiliate status with the Colorado Association of Fundraiser Professionals to its current status as “one of the leaders in planned giving councils across the nation” and among other services the Symposium which has grown “from a handful of people to the two hundred and twenty five attendees today and speakers from all over the U.S." She then introduced the second song by the “CPGR players” that honored CPGR founders Douglas, Scott and Betsy, set to “Give my Regards to Broadway” Which was received with riotous applause.

Returning to the podium after the meal was served James Gumpert invited attendees to future luncheons one on Thursday the 23rd September “Creative Gift Planning” withJoe Bull and Thursday, September 23, 2004. The he introduce Penfield Tate, 2004 Board of Trustees The Denver Foundation, and State Senator from District #33.

Mr. Tate said he was please to be at the symposium because of his involvement with the Denver Foundation and to commend the work of the people in the industry he said “because you know at this time, when the public sector is challenged to find he resources to address the core needs of the community what you do becomes even more vital to sustaining the vibrant community and economy”. Penfield Tate then reviewed the history and accomplishments of the Denver Foundation Mentioning its growth from 1996 assets of $58 million today they total nearly $270 million and an increase from ten managed funds to more then four hundred. He spoke of the many successes of the Denver Foundation and closed by saying “in this short period of time there has been tremendous growth, not only in the Foundation but what it represents a raising of consciousness in the community, that these are vehicles that need to be employed by many to assist and make this a better community for all of us”

Mr. Tate introduce the keynote speaker Tanya Howe Johnson, speaker, author, trainer and President & CEO, National Committee on Planned Giving among her other accomplishments. Ms. Howe Johnson rose to the podium and, despite technical difficulties, immediately captivated the audience with her own rendition of “Give My Regards,,” . Tanya then began with a story regarding her preparation for her talk saying that her initial intent was to give an hour and a half talk on NCPG, but “no they said we want you to talk about planned giving, for an hr and 15mi and she began to happily accumulate twenty two pages of material then she received a call informing she would be the luncheon keynote speaker with thirty minutes. Ms. Howe concluded her hilarious story by saying that what she was left with was her fifteen to twenty-minute speech. She then launched into her thoughts on the “Trends in Planed Giving”. Dividing her talk into the perspective of Charities, Donors and Advisers. Her view is that Donors are younger and more involved. And that more woman and that ethnic minorities are becoming charitable donors. She gave an exciting talk sprinkled with anecdotes and facts that gave the information in a way that both the experienced professional and the novice could absorb.

In the short time allotted Tanya Howe Roberts provided a tremendous amount of information in a way that kept her audience intently interested.

The Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable facilitates the giving of more money to worthy causes by acting as an invaluable resource for both professionals and non professionals alike.

Happy Birthday CPGR!!!!!

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