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September, 28 2004 - Hooray for Hazel! She Wins the 'All In' Celebrity Poker Tournament

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Hazel Miller and Sherri Brooks. People got up close and personal to their favorite celebrities. Actress Jessica Biel, dad John Biel, President of the Make The Difference Network with Blacktie Colorado founder Georgia Imhoff and husband Walt. Philanthropists and supporters of the arts and animals, Rich and Holly Kylberg
Gigi Higgins, Jerene Petersen, Jamie VanLeeuwen, Mike Nigompong, Lauren Hughes, Jake Schroeder singer for Opie Gone Bad, Kerri-Ann Appleton and Rachel Schroeder of the Urban Peak team. Tony Rosacci has a nice stack of chips here. Rubin Droughns, Jake "The Snake" Plummer, Jesse Biel, Mike Leach, Danny Kanell and Zack Romero Denver Bronco (and part time poker player) Ashley Lelle with Noza Yusufbekova.
Ashley Lelle, Hazel Miller and Haven Moses. Ashley played for Huntington's Disease Society, Hazel played for the Children's Hospital and Haven played for the Police Activities League and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. Former Denver Nugget Mark Randall contemplates a move. Opie Gone Bad's Jake Schroeder with wife Rachel. Jake was one of the celebrities playing in the tournament. Robert Droughns (Right) helps Jesse Biel plan her next play.
RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger studies the felt. Dave played for The Wildlife Experience (which he founded). Busy event volunteer Ariene Lacy with Kevin Joseph of J. Allston Mortgage Terry Bailey and Claudia Barroso. Terry was an expert dealer to the stars and helped them out with the required bets. Thomas Frey of the DaVinci Institute with Chuck Cory from the New Business Network
Bill LeGere, Shannon Gettman, Tim Bertrand, Nicole Call, Michele Dixon, Sherri Brooks and Karen Mooning. Sherri Brooks was selected from the crowd to sit and play at the celebrity table. Brent Hultman and Jeannie Ewert supporting Huntington’s disease Society. Brent was also a successful bidder at the silent auction tables. Bradlee Van Pelt (Bronco), Danny Kanell (Bronco QB) Mark Schlereth (Ex- Bronco Lineman/Sports Commentator) and David Diaz-Infante (Ex- Bronco Lineman) Mark Weiler and Breck Larson
Helping to Emcee the event John Biel, President of the Make The Difference Network Chief Operating Officer of Make the Difference Network, Kent McBride gets the game rolling Kim Biel gave Kenton Kuhn a special poker tie for the evening. It sets a whole new standard for Blacktie attire Erica Spencer from Intellinet Interactive was a tireless volunteer
Westword's Socialite of the Year Holly Kylberg checks out what the competition is doing. From St. John Vianney Seminary Tom Anderson, Andy Dickinson, Eric Gilbaugh, KHOW's Peter Boyles, Humberto Marquez and Curt Dwyer. Peter played in the tournament to raise money for the seminary. Charles Liviningston, Donna Boemper and Mark Wilson Robb Holland and Michelle Beisner
Todd Jost and Steven Sakla of J and S Audio. The big 10 ft screen and tv screen scattered around, kept everyone apprised of the action. Ray Sota, Kelly Robinson, Teresa Chamberland and Joslyn Robich from the Boulder County "I Have a Dream Foundation" Kim and Arnie Snyder Shelley McCarty being strangled by Tom Hobelman
Terry Ellis of Sir Chocolate with John Ott, Assistant General Manager of Marlowes Restaurant Jim Bonner with Stephanie Pumo Morgan Stanley's Jan Tyler with friends Ashley Lelle, Zack Creegan, Terri LoSasso, Mike Gebhardt and Lisa Koers Mark Wilson (left), William Weeks, Hazel Miller and Malcom Laster. Hazel played in the poker tournament to raise money for the Children's Hospital.
Mark Schlereth plans out his strategy. Tom Martino "troubleshoots" what the competition is doing. Hazel Miller doesn't seem worried. At this point she didn't know she'd be winning the whole thing. 9News sportscaster Ryan Chivarini played for the John Hessler Fund.
Dave Diaz-Infante's sunglasses were his key to success as he tried to raise money for the Denver Public Schools Foundation. Rubin Droughns played for Anaheim High School. Jimmie Heuga smiles at a good play. Denver Bronco Bradlee Van Pelt shows his best poker face.
Troubleshooter Tom Martino (right) gets ready to make his big play as RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger looks on. Jesse Biel, Co-founder of the Make the Difference Network, plans her next move. Jesse played for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. From Exclusive Resorts Georgia Mulligan, Charles Livingston, Matt Stueve and Mark Wilson. Champ Bailey contemplates puting all his chips in the pot for the big win.
Tournament Champion Hazel Miller poses with her poker teachers Mark Wilson (left) and Matt Stueve. The guys taught Hazel how to play the game just five days earlier. Beth and Les Wood from the Wildlife Experience and Re-Max Professional Volunteer Martha Haley with Blacktie Colorado Intern Chelsea Wyatt. Fiancée’s Chenier Laroche and James Mershon
The dealers Jason Nagel, Scott Bureham, Daniel Dillon, "Coach" Gary Ecklund, Jody Robinson, Ron Lewis, Dan Kobler and Matt Cain Mile High Station's Melissa Thomas with Dave Haberson. Melissa worked all day and into the night to ensure a smooth operation. Thanks, Melissa. William J. Weekes, Jr. President/ CEO of WJWJR Media Group with Frank Goldsmith and Malcolm Laster, Events Coordinator at Community College of Denver Pete Knight of Integrated Alliance with Doug Helmquest from Denver Children’s Advocacy Center
Tess Booth and Kristen Dietz with Tau Kappa Epsilon brothers Alexander Romero and Chase Carr Scott Jones and Stan Hermung, coaches with the Arvada Nighthawks Little League Baseball team Blacktie Colorado President Kenton Kuhn with MTDN programmer, Kosta Geevsky Karlyn Harper with Susan Travis
The players at table one and who they were playing for Irv Brown waits for Jimmie Heuga to make a call. Haven Moses (left) gives a word of advice to Opie Gone Bad's Jake Schroeder. It didn't help; Jake was the first one out. He went all in and his pair of 10's lost to 3 Jacks. Marsha and Bryan Mager with Kathleen Boyles
Kristen Rounds and Brian Hutchinson of the Jimmie Heuga Center, relaxing on one of the many sofas provided by Accessories Plus Design. Folks could play poker upstairs as well, and many did. People can hardly wait to lose their (play) money. Andy Ahlstrom and Tina Dickerson
Kristen Dietz with Chad Griege Sara and Matt Stueve. Matt was one of Hazel Miller's Hold 'em coaches The "Coach" from ESPN radio knows how to deal a mean hand of Blackjack. The Fan's Irv Brown, Bill LeGrim and Tim Bertrand
Big Time Memorabilia's Rick Turney, Vikki Turney with Annette and Jerry Martinez Model Anetta Cherkasova with manager and bodyguard Olga Azanyan Marianne Urandack "Goddess of Giving" MTDN Jerene Pertersen Executive Director of Urban Peak with Terri LoSasso of Morgan Stanley
Blacktie Colorado President Kenton Kuhn with celebrity player and (Westword's Socialite of the Year) Holly Kylberg Jessie Biel and mom, Kim are all smiles after a successful event. Supporting their fellow Broncos team mates are Danny Kanell (left) and Jake Plummer with Zack Romero from the Jake Plummer Foundation Judd Johns, Lisa Bessette and 9News sports guys Ryan Chivarini. Ryan was one of the celebrity poker players in the tournament and was playing for the John Hessler Fund.
Sunny Lastrella, Martin Weller, Brenda Brook and Breck Larson Dave Diaz Infante, Danny Kanell and Mark Schlereth. Gerry and Beth Clark with Hope and Jim Johnson Denver Bronocs players Champ Bailey and Bradlee Van Pelt. In the end, Bradley faced off with Hazel Miller for first place, but unfortunately for Bradley it was Hazel who took the first place honors.
Rich Kylberg was always close by to cheer on wife Holly as she played for the big bucks in the celebrity poker tournament. Holly played to raise money for her pet cause- Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital. Dave Diaz-Infante shows Rubin Droughns his best poker face. Dave played to raise money for the Denver Public Schools Foundation and Rubin played for Anaheim High School. Irv Brown (left) chats with fellow competitor Peter Boyles, while Ryan Chivarini checks out the action at the end of the table. Irv played for Mountain View Elementary, Peter played for St. John Vianney Theological Seminary and Ryan played for the John Hessler Fund. Denver Bronco Ashley Lelie played for the Huntington's Disease Society.
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