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August, 03 2001 - Old-fashioned Fun at Camp Sweetpea

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Kempe Center VIPs Carrie Nolan, left, Kevin Causey and Roberta Johnson Emma and Shery McDonald hosted the fun and games at Camp Sweetpea Caroline Ammons, left, and Emma "Sweetpea" McDonald accessorize Shery McDonald Galbreath Joe Hendricks of Sounds Entertainment donated his equipment and talents to the shindig
Michael Mager, 9, poses for photographer before diving into the grub A young angler detaches her catch Testing the line ..... Shery's mom Arlene does the do-si-do with her daughter
Shery's an incorrigible dancer Ellen Hendricks, left, Kathy Couri and Gina Abou-Jaoude hang out by the pool Cade Huseby wrestles a big one out of the water Caroline Ammons applies some body English to her cast
The sack races got the crowd off its feet Louise Richardson and her handsome date, Evan, 6 Cade Huseby practicing an angler's greatest asset: patience The entertainment was endless in the Galbreath's back yard
Camp Sweetpea is likely to become an annual fundraiser for Kempe These Kempe Bears are the first in a series of three The parklike back yard was the perfect spot for a campout/picnic Before the action started
Kids in the three-legged race scramble for the finish line Emma McDonald (in green dress) and playmates hide out in a rock fort Jessica Graebel goes for an arm tatoo Pals Shery Galbreath, left, Karen Hullinger and Grayson Walden enjoy the festivities.
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