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April, 08 2005 - Little Hearts Grow up to be Happy, Healthy Hearts

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Event Chair Lyn Schaffer poses with the South Metro Firefighters, escorts in the fashion show Eryn Ely, left, and Brigid Kennedy check out the back stage goodies. They modeled clothes by Talbots Kids. Event Chair Lyn Schaffer and daughter Sara Willa Buswell, left, Marissa Beasely, Cyd Rodriguez and Jane Beasley
Sarah Boyd, left, Kathy Adams, Kris Hampton, Michelle Kadlac, and Erin Carey Greg and Colette Raymond, left, with Chelle Temple Steve Winesett, President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation, with Edie Bell, left, and Peggy Warner, VP at The Children's Hospital Foundation Chrisine Peyton, Evan Lichenstein and Alison Artico
First Lady Frances Owens with emcee and Honorary Chair Ed Greene of CBS4 and Event Chair Lyn Schaffer Dr. Sandra Arkin, left, with Honoree Esther Carpenter, Kim Gahring and Paul Carpenter Lyn Schaffer presents a special plate made by the children at the hospital, as a special 'thank you' Brenda Cripe presented a check from the Great Clips® Foundation for $10,000. They donated the same amount last year.
Steve Kast, The Children Hospital photographer was thanked with a plate also Dr. Michael Schaffer presented the 2nd Annual Fern Primack Heart Who Cares Award to a surprised Esther Carpenter. Sponsor Cyd Rodriguez, left, with Honoree Esther Carpenter, and Dr. Michael Schaffer Colby Carlson, age five, looks spiffy in his navy jacket and tie.
Bertha Haugen, left, winner of a pair of Rockies tickets, Adrienne Fitzsgibbons, Committee Member Gail Johnson, Dr. Bonita Carson and Bobbi Moore Adult Patient Escorts Lindsay Bentley, Sadie Young and Leann Nelson Dr. Michael Schaffer, Pediatric Cardiologist at Children's Hospital, left, and Ryan Jagels with St. Jude's The models got to feast on sandwiches, chips, chicken fingers, fruit and cookies before the show
Amy and Elsie Halvorsen relax before the show Dr. Francois Lacour-Gayet, Chief of Cariothoracic Surgery and Anne Klein, VP of Development at The Children's Hospital Foundation Dr. Max Mitchell, Associate Professor of Surgery, left, and Steve Winesett, President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation Dr. Dunbar Ivy, Chief and Selby's Chair of Pediatric Cardiology, Director of Pulmonary Hypertension Program at The Children's Hospital
Event Chair Lyn Schaffer Angel Rivera and... ...his twin sister Lily Rivera Francisa Pierre-Louis, age 16, says "You only get out of life as much as you put in."
Dr. Dunbar Ivy escorts Eryn Ely, age four and a half around the stage. Eryn Ely waves to the audience and says that whenever she hears about a sick child that, "They should go see Dr. Ivy as he knowshow to fix everything." Spencer Corley, age five, loves to read, learn and go to school. Hannah Neff, age 13, has had a cardiothoracic procedure to repair lesions of the heart
Dr. Michael Schaffer escorts Eloiza Cruz and... her twin brother Elais, both are four-years-old. Mariah Evans, escorted by Dr. Brandon Davidson-Tracy, thinks "life is wonderful!" Blacktie's Elizabeth Byrnes Crony is escorted by Elsie Halvorsen
Elsie Halvorsen twirled on stage for the audience but needed a helping hand down Mackenzie Etchells, age 12, says to "Live each day to the fullest" Avery Pennington enjoys swimming and being a model in the Little Hearts Fashion Show. Damian Morales, age four, has had a heart transplant. He is escorted by firefighter Scott Richardson.
Dr. Max Mitchell escorts Brigid Kennedy Dr. Chen Chan escorted Grace Wilkins Ryan Jagels escorted seven-year-old Elise Finiol. "Eating all your vegetables makes you healthy," says Elise. "I live to read, play and be nice," says eight-year-old Calvin Hall.
Leigh Ann Kelly escorted Paris Smeal Travis Cuchares escorted five-year-old Joe Eigner Mackenzie Denise Barnes, age 16, says, "If you have dreams, they will come true."  
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