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May, 05 2005 - Stedman Graham Talks Teens and Mental Health

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Stedman Graham arrives for the VIP book signing Carolyn Moershel from ADMHN and Doug Lott Barbara Becker, Jo Myers andAmy Craig Vienna Grant was volunteering
Help Grow a Child was the clever and useful name. Not only could you get seeds for your garden, but could help a child as well Stedman Graham was very gracious and had his picture taken with everyone that he signed a book for Mike and Tiffany Radel. Tiffany worksfor ADMHN and was the coordinator of the event The Citywide Bank crew, in back, Stephan Ghadaifchian, Scott Thomke of ADMHN, Tom Flanagan,Doug Lott, Pat Gee, Judy Lange and Laura Drake
Jo Myers visits with Jim White of VOA Jonel Moseley, volunteer, with Laurie Elliott and Joan DiMarie of ADMHN Lesa Skolnik and Jerry Lovejoy from Palace Construction, a sponsor for the event Paula Wiens, from Schomp Automotive and Suzanne Hanlder of ADMHN
Scott Thoemke of ADMHN is flanked by Ray Reeb and Jennifer McCahill of Pfizer Joe Seniw, Jurt Davis and Ryan Goodenow from Pfizer Debbie Newton kept the book signing line moving nicely Debra Little and Donna Walsh are from sponsor Kaiser Permanente
Jamie De Barolomeis kept everyone moving in the right direction Pam Collins, Cheryl Ceplecha and Margaret Elliott from the Douglas County Human Service Department Daniel Murphy from Arapahoe House From the office of Dr. Richard Spiegel, SAndi Raitz, Leah Bassity, Ioannis Ionnon and Tara Delach
The Peneplain Jazz Trio Annette Saunders and Kathy Bartsch from Kaiser Dr. Mick Kirby and Paul Staley, Mr. Staley is on the ADMHN board The book signing was a well oiled machine
Jo Myers starts things off with that great radio voice Sherri Kerr of Cahoots Communications with Maureen Yockey of Alternative Pregnancy Centers    
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