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May, 08 2005 - VOA salutes Moms with "I Remember Mama"

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Volunteer Tony Toben with Carolyn Daly, VOA Project Manager Charlotte Reese Mothers seranaded by violinist Bob Townsend
Mothers in their finest hats Georgia Bass and Ruby Peyton Volunteers from Kaiser Permenete Sheryl Austin, Pat Rael and Rita Foster Katheryn Smith, Tina Williams and Margaret Bass
A table full of Moms Mattie Bupuch, Rubie Rae Randolph, Marie Thompson, Noel Love, Donna Ellison and Bob Townsend LaVerne Dorchak, Olivia Washington and Karen Macias Constance Rolon with Noreen Mahon
Dora Summers, Caletha Lamtkins and Augustine Narcisse Louise Maes, Dr. Erliandh Rojas Santos, Gladys Rothbein and friend Elizabeth Hartman, Mary Jones, Rae Jones and Mary Betz VOA RSVP Program Coordinator Erin Kurse with volunteer Kate Howie
Strings Owner, Noel Cunningham Emma Miller Jeanne Gold with volunteer Wayne Schilling Erin Kurse, VOA Director Corrine Schilling and Kate Howie
Kay Sheppard with Officer Mike Rappe DPD District 2 Helen Douglas Mary Shepard with Jeanne Gold Barbara Corcoran and Daniele Blake
Ruth Harris, "Older Volunteers Enrich America Award" winner with Equilla Wicks Helen Smith Jennie Deshon, Program Director at the Barth Hotel with some of her ladies. The volunteers eat a well earned meal
Maxine Remilinges Moms returning home laden with gifts Mary Wood Ruth Harris of Denver, a MetLife Foundation Older Volunteers Enrich America Award Winner
Michael Hart's Metro Taxi has donated rides to VOA Mom's for thirteen years A last smile to Moms from Strings, McLaren Brennan Dorothy Thur  
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