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June, 21 2005 - First American Fitness Festival Promises the Best Year Yet!

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Douglas Laub from Bonfils Blood Center, with Nick Lepestos, right, Chair of the Coporate Committee Nick Lepestos and Kristina Davidson, co-founder of the Fitness Festival Douglas Laub and Kristina Davidson The Wedding Stringers- Overland High School students entertained guests at the Sponsor Party
Joy McGilvery and John Stedeford with First American State Bank Joe and Helenn Franzgrote Nancy Sharpe Green, the Greenwood Village Mayor,left, and Gerri Sweeney Greenwood Village Mayor, Nancy Sharpe thanks every one involved. The fitness festival will contribute to five Cherry Creek schools in her town alone.
Nick Lepestos and Jean Galloway, owner of the Galloway Group Jay and Michelle Davidson. Michelle is Jay's daughter and a student from the Cherry Creek Schools system. Chris Yaros, left, and Helenn Franzgote Barbara Scott, Molly Kremmer with the Greenwood Athletic Club, and Joyce Reilly, right, with McCormick's
John Stedeford with First American State Bank, left, and Brian Tanner Dr. Monty Moses, Superintendent of Cherry Creek Public Schools, Holly Rutherford with the Community Asset Project, and Joyce Reilly Brian Thorsen and Jay Bergan Marla and Ron England
Two amazing women: Kristina Davidson and Jean Galloway, co-founders of the Fitness Festival, along with Jay Davidson Debi and Steve Bograkos with Bo's Brewed Coffee, who donate coffee for this and many other Colorado events, with Avie Rosacci Williams, daughter of Tony from Tony's Meats and Specialty Foods Molly Kemmer with Greenwood Athletic Club, left, and Gail Hahn, Coporate Committee The Wedding Stringers- Overland High School students
Nancy Sharpe Green, left, Kristina Davidson, and Scottie Iverson Dana Brandoff, with Dana Brandoff Public Relations, and Amy Downing show off the 5th Annual Fitness Festival T-Shirt Robin Thorson with the Planning Committee, and Jean Galloway Jay Davidson, and Dr. Ron Yaros
The buffet table looked and tasted like perfection Kristina Davidson and Mayor Nancy Sharpe Green show their dedication to the cause The Fitness Festival run will start and end in front of the First American State Bank building for the first time ever. Many community events such as this take place in Crescent Park, right across from the First American State Bank. A local concert was going on the same evening as the Sponsor Party.
The grounds out front of the First American State Bank's building will be a scenic setting for this year's Fitness Festival The Denver Tech Center is a great location for such an event! Kay Davidson, with her husband Jay right behind her. They are co-founders of the event. Mike from Tony Rosacci's poured wine for the evening
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