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July, 14 2005 - Bastille Day, $.25 trout and the Hotel De Paris - What a Celebration

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Too bad the revolutionary crowd didn't have this beautiful 1938 Cadillac, owned by Peter and Betsy Luce, to storm the Bastille Mary Lee Anderson (l)is the immediate past treasurer of the NSCDA, and Stuart Cobb from Little Rock was visiting in her capacity as President of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America Sally Hopper and Marne Tutt. Marne is the incoming treasurerer for the museum and Sally is the immediate past chairman of the museum committee The effervescent Margaret Melcher
Henrietta Von Moy and John Mahlandt Even the flowers were tri-color Reggie Black is Chairwomam of the endowment committee for the Hotel De Paris Betsy Luce with Barbara Harrison. Barbara is the President of the NSCDA in the state of Colorado.
There is a wonderful garden and patio at the back of the museum Carolyn Etter, Dana Abrahamson ( Executive Director Historic Georgetown) and Mary Lanius. This plate commemorates the close ties between Colorado and France and commemorates Bastille day of 1989. Another great view of the garden.
The "sales' room of the hotel. Peter and Betsy Luce Jack Gleason and Kate Eaton Historic Georgetown Board Member Bob Gibbs in what he claims is a rare 'studious" pose
Peggy Speckman serves as Chairman of the Hotel De Paris museum committee, and chats with Dana Abrahamsom Hmmm. Louis DUpuy, and DUbonnet. Coincidence?    
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