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July, 18 2005 - Cyclists Gear-up for Courage Classic

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Scott Short and Larry Bungay Riders make their way to Turquoise lake, the last major leg of the Courage Classic. Volunteer Joy Miles watches riders as the make their way to the finish line. Donna James and Melinda Nechanick pour water at one of the many rest stations.
Sandee Sanzolone and Michelle Liefer Cyclists were met with beutiful views like this all the way on their ride. Two riders get their first clear glimps of Turquoise lake
Turquoise lake dam was one of the many beautiful sites riders experienced as the rode 157 miles over three days Crystal clear skies and blue waters
Exhasted riders cross the finish line at Leadville Three riders push to cross the finish line after three days of biking A teammate cheers on her friend as she crosses the finish line
Approximately 1,900 riders competed in this year's Courage Classic Ruth Ondrusek with her daughter Nichole and Joe dell, whose brother receives aid from the Children’s Hospital Alara Salazar and Erika Sauerwein Jennifer and Jay Landers enjoying some Hagen-Das ice cream
Chip Southern, Belinda Tesstan, Russ Bray and Ashley Stoerzbach Tom and Libby Theune with their daughters Devon, left, and Kayla( Riders and volunteers enjoyed a buffet provided by Three Tomatoes Catering service Chris Ryan and Pauli Ingwersen
Tonya Auville, Sandy Heika, Kyla Johnson and Scott Kukral Over 2,000 people including riders, volunteers, and spectators came to Leadville to support the Courage Classic and The Children's Hospital Adam Smith with Jenny and Karen Shaw Robin Deister and Bob Hartzell
Judith Janay and Wanda Mayberry Riders from the Childrens Hospital team: Spero Papadopoales, Michele Wallendal, Gini Taylor, Kathy Appel and Dave Appel Augie Diana, Ad Briggs and Guy Garnett John and Chris Addy with thier daughter Megan
Chris Carrol waits and relaxes for the rest of his team to finish. Carrol rode with the Cyclo Cilicates, a group of geologists. Janice Pappas, Andrew Voth, and Suzanne Byers, from team Copper Mountain Sally and Richard Obregon with Amy Mower, center, who was celebrating her birthday Micheal Dell and Nichole Ondrusek were passing out medals to every cyclists who crossed the finish line
Team Asserbo crosses the finish line: Barb Dowski, Ed Dowski, Jill Davies, and Tommy Svensson Jim and Kathy Show came out to support their friends who were competing in the Courage Classic Joel and Jennifer Beam
Howard Smartt hands out free water      
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