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September, 08 2001 - 2001: A Space Oddity

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Live from the Gothic...the Aliens Have Landed Anne Verdieck, left, as "Princess Lei-a"; Megan Satrom; and Jeff, as the "Universe" Ed Gruben, board member of SafeHouse Denver, and Jody Floreani event planner Superman Shane Nicholson, left, Ed Gruben, and Andy Mitas
Space Demon Erik and Space Princess Lisa Van Bramer are caught in flight. Lisa is a member of SafeHouse Denver and works as an emergency physician Jaye Gould, left, looks smashing as a "greenhead." Who says that color is not hip? Andy Mitas seems to think green is in. Charles Mason draped himself in the universe Tinfoil models added to the space decor
Kerri Biber and Travis Mcafoos Bob Holm and Dave Dallaire pose as dashing space officers Meow...Cathleen, left, and Tricia dance the night away Live performance art was part of the entertainment
DJ - MLE rocks the house Space cadets: Tad Holmes, left, and Heather Ogg All Princesses in the house...Denise Wilkinson, left, Anne Gordon, Brenda Mooke and Tonya Atencio Denise Brady and Robert Niece snuggle up
Who is that masked man? Jim Padgett, flanked by wife Sandy, left, and Jill Brandom Michelle Cordes, left, Jamie, and Andre Vaugavietis The crowd gets funky to the break beats of DJ Mike Melody Brokaw works for C.H.A.N.C.E., Changing How Adults Nurture Childs Egos
Devin Laiho smiles for the camera Greg Gieseler and alien Kevin Karp Spaceman Bill Dehaan and Colin M. A work in metal etching evolved into the face of Einstein
"We wear our sunglasses at night." Jody and Nate pose for the camera. Sunny in yellow shades is flanked by Melissa Skurlock, left, and Tracy Greene Barbara Webb, left, Shane Nicholson and Wendy Vaughan Wendy Vaughan salutes the crowd
Wendy Vaughan, left, made her skirt from holograms of blinking eyes. Costumes, decor and entertainment reflected the theme of the evening    
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