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August, 01 2005 - Bonfils golfers see Brown...Elk, that is

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The Clubhouse at Hiwan Golf Club looks picturesque against the morning sky Elks decide to show up for the occasion as well...proving you can have two too many on the driving range! Greg Teets, left, and Mark Gutknecht Marco Sierra nad Marla Kohutek
Rodger Tighe and Eric O'Neill Nadine Johnson and Teresa Sandman Suzi Stolte, Director of the Tournament and Director of Special Events, Deanna Myer, from Merrill Lynch, the Title Sponsor, and Doug Laub, CEO and President of Bonfils Foundation Tina Kvitek, Chris Stengle, and Chris Billington
Carolyn Gorley and Joy Hiraki, right The 18th Green flag from the 2002 PGA Championship at Hazeltine, signed by the players Greg Vartanyan, from 1st National Bank of Colorado, left, and Pat Green Won Yi, Kristie Williamson, Lynne and Steve Franklin, right, make up a fearsome foursome
Jim Dierker, Board President, and Doug Laub Jay Nelson, left, and Bryan Ottaviano Rob Heeter and Jim Lynch Craig Crescas, Gregg Gracheck, Craig Huxta, and Bill Koehler
Kevin Barfield and Hollie Trow Sandy Schumacher and Jo Adams, auditors for the Foundation Mike Tinaglia, left, John Zeps, and Steve Lastofka, right, getting ready to head out to the green Bryan Crady and John Williams, both with Kaiser
Mike Gallagher and Scott Moedy complete the Kaiser team Don Slack and Chris Norton Andy Hoestand, Todd Frednick, Roger Michaelis, and Kim Reuman Harvey Swan, left, Bonfils Board Member, and Michael Hobbs, right, with Key Bank
Bryan Detariano, Teresa Sandman,. Nadine Johnson, and Jay Nelson Chris and Rickie with the Grounds staff survey their work before the tournament Carrie Sullivan was an amazing volunteer Jim Ciarrochi and Winston Merrill
Billy Thompson stretches out before teeing off Nick Sweeney, left, Steve Lau, Braden Clements, and John Birrenkott, right Kevin Scovel and Ben Garneau with Merrill Lynch Mike Coke practices his swing with two irons
Ben Garneau putts Tina Krick and Shauna Levinon Adam Braunstein, left, Kent Freed, and Ariel Madlambayne, right The pro golfer, Jeff Anselmo, was availible to take the first drive for a team for a $20 donation
Toye Idowle, Heather Henning, Brian Clark, and Enid Marsh composed the team that worked at the Sprint Hole, taking every one's pictures for the day Marlo Sierra and Robin Murdock stood guard at the hold-in-one chance to win a car from John Elway Automotives in the hole-in-one contest! Bob Vasil, Kevin Kucera, Don Slack, and Chris Nordling didn't win the car, but came very close!
Kevin Kucera tees off Chris Nording watches his drive sail toward the green Delete
John Zeps, Gregg Garcia, Steve Lastofka and Mike Teneglia The inside dining hall was set to perfection for the awards ceremony A signed photograph of Tiger Woods was up for auction The benefit covered the entire range of golf, even including a signed photo from CaddyShack!
Many other sports donated items as wel, John Elway donated his hall of fame and final year's signed photographs Basketball also aided with donations for the silent auction, which included a piece of Parkay floor from the Allstar Game, signed by the players An Allstar game poster, signed by the players was also part of the silent auction The title sponsor for the day was Merrill Lynch, with Kiewit Wstern Co. and Saunders Construction as the Silver sponsors
Corky Douglas makes his way to the tee for the first hole of the day The Trophies were laid out in anticipation of the golfers who would be entering the Dining Room The 2005 Bonfils Golf Tournament Award  
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