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September, 17 2005 - Blues Brothers Help Build Children's Hospital Block by Block

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CBS4 Anchor Molly Hughes and husband John Butler, left, with Chris and Dana Rebhun. Molly was the emcee and Dana was on the Gala Committee. Mike Lockard, left, Michael and Kelly Kennedy and Kim and Steve Winesett Jim Belushi, left, Children's Hospital President and CEO Dori Biester, PhD, RN, Molly Broeren, Dan Akyroyd and Bill Mosher Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd get their photo taken with the girls
Dinner Chairs Carl and Carol Vogel, left, with Dr. David and Char Campbell Children's Hospital Board Chair Don and Mary Elliman Denise and Andrew Hudson of Frontier Airlines Marcy and Bruce Benson, left, CH President and CEO Dori Biester and Bill Mosher and Molly Broeren, Foundation Trustee
The Children's Hospital Foundation's Director of Special Events Leslie McKay, left, VP of The Children's Hospital Foundation Peggy Warner and Christie Isenberg Blues Brothers ready...Christy and Craig Martin, left, Min and Chris Alcorn, Debra and Wayne Berger and Sarah Berger and David Doerner. The Berger's were on the Corporate Committee. Dr. Jody Mathie, Captain of the "Spin Doctors" for the Courage Classic and "Big John" John Hoffman. Jody is on the board for Children's Hospital. Audrey and Doug Bakke, left, Dr. Dan and Julie Feiten and DeeDee Parker. Dr. Feiten is a Children's Hospital board member.
Jessica Kramer and Dan Akyroyd make eye contact. Jessica Kramer and her family pose with the Blues Brothers Galen Batson and his family Molly Kirk and her family pose with Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd
Gala Chairs David and Bonnie Mandarich with Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd Bruce and Marcy Benson with Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd. Marcy sits on the Children's Hospital Board and is Chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Corporate Chairs Walter and Christie Isenberg, left, Jim Belushi, Laura Leigh Huges, Molly Huges, Dan Akyroyd and John Butler President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation Steve and Kim Winesett with the Blues Brothers
Silent Auction Co-chairs Katy Bante, left, and Beth Hornstein pose with Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd 2005 Children's Hospital Ambassadors Galen Batson, left, Joshua Baeza, Molly Kirk, Jessica Kramer, Whitney Boyce, Liam Orlando and Jordan Davis Tom Strickland, left, Barbara Bridges and friend. The Barbara Bridges Family Foundation was one of the Premiere Sponsors for the gala. By John Bacca. Good friends Nancy Komatz, left, and Dana Rebhun. Nancy has been a nurse at Children's Hospital for 19 years.
Gary and Edie Bell, committee member From Johnson & Wales University, Michael Pasquarella and his lovely wife, Deb, left, Regina Ferand, a recent evacuee from Hurricane Katrina and Bette Matkowski, President of J&W Denver Campus Committee Member Bradley Joseph and Donna Crafton Judy Lapoint and Dick Saunders
Shereen and Scott Pollak, Corporate Chairs Virginia and Scott Reiman and CH President and CEO Dori Biester Jack Overstreet took home this handprinted Volvo, valued at $12,500. The handprints are from the kids treated at The Children's Hospital. Walt DeHaven and Wendy Aiello, committee member Dave Stadolnik, left, Cathy Brewster, Margaret and John Kelly, Becky Stadolnik and Paul Brewster
Monte and Marie Wilson, left, with Laura and John Ester Cassaundra Jackson, left, with Calvin Shelby and Ruth Johnson "Building for Children," the theme for the gala, was creatively incorporated into the decor on the silent auction tables Committee Member Tonya Everist and Tim Hamm
Gordon and Kristen Abrams An Orlando family portrait; Susan, Peter and Liam, left, with Les Lee, Major Gifts Officer for The Children's Hospital Foundation Stefani Wilson and First Lady Frances Owens Debra and Stan Loftness, left, Jackie and Paul Whitehair and Pam and Rick Nordlund
Laura Leigh Huges and Sage Hospitality's Karsten Riggs Jerome and Jackie Davis, left, and Brenda and Stefan Mokrohisky. The Davis' son, Jordan, was one of the Ambassadors. Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams, left, with Corporate Committee members Stephanie and Matt Seebaum Corporate Chairs and former Gala Chairs Walter and Christie Isenberg with daughter Nicole. The Isenberg's and Sage Hospitality Resources were one of the Premiere Sponsors.
Howard and Debra Tepper Ellen Robinson, left, Ginnie Kontnik and Committee Member Sylvia Atencio Mari Anna Loftness, left, and Committee Member Nicole Isenberg Dinner Chairs Nancy and John Sevo, left, with Gala Chairs David and Bonnie Mandarich
Lyn and Tim Hall, left, with Ginger and Karlin Giltner Blacktie's Elizabeth Byrnes Crony and Sage Hospitality's Karsten Riggs Auction Chairs Katy Bante, left, and Beth Hornstein Sunny Brownstein, left, Sandy Wolf Yearick, Andrea Gray and Valere Shane, committee member
Gala Chairs Bonnie and David Mandarich welcomed the guests and thanked them for their support. “You all are building blocks in this remarkable project – building for our children,” said David, referring to the new hospital under construction. The Rush Drummers marched out in construction hard hats and soon had everyone's attention Liam Orlando, left, Jessica Kramer and Joshua Baeza.... ...and Whitney Boyce, left, Jordan Davis, Galen Batson and Molly Kirk...
...flip over their blocks on cue to spell out "THANK YOU" Jammin' on the air guitar Dan Akyroyd and Jim Belushi ran on stage in their trademark black suits, glasses and hats rockin’ the packed house with lively renditions of classics like “Sweet Home Chicago.” Rockin' the house with the harmonica
Ambassador Liam Orlando finds a place on his father's shoulders, high above the crowd, to jam along with the Blues Brothers  
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