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October, 15 2005 - SafeHouse Denver Benefits at Urban Roundup

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ASCENT board member Devin Spindler with event chair Wayne Keith Volunteers Holly Walker and Lisa Stallan SafeHouse Events Manager Renu Poduval with volunteer Janelle Dirstine Available at the silent auction, a Denver Bronco's autographed football
Coors and Sylvan Ranch put together a Cattle Drive package for the silent auction ASCENT Board Member Mike Cugnetti and Liz Richards Jenni and ASCENT Board Member, Brian Medina ASCENT Board Member Matt Michaelson gives bossy a run for her money
Volunteers Sarah Stroh and Megan Wilson show bossy a bit of love SafeHouse Executive Director Ellen Stein with husband Luther Wallace Jill Hermsmeyer and Leslie Dye battle it out. Jessica Seiwertsen helped out with bartending
Lauresa Lopez, front, with friend Candy Campbell were the first bullriders Candy Campbell, left, Keilani Temple and Lauresa Lopez ASCENT Foundation Board of Directors; Mike Cugnetti, Wayne Keith, Mike Pallas, Ryan Van Ness (back row) Devin Spindler, Rich Rodgers and Brian Medina (front) Ellen Wallace and Renu Poduval of SafeHouse with Ferdinand the Bull
Rick Kershaw cheers on KOSI-FM advertising executive Debora Kershaw Elandre Dutoit really gets into milking Beth and Elandre Dutoit Roping instructor Jay Williams shows how its done.
Rich Rodgers and Theresa Cusimano, Executive Director UCAN Serve AmeriCorps Program Silent auction Chair Shawn Bentley Ryan VanNess, Tony Singn and Ted Graham Pat Knols vs Mike Cugnetti
Yacobucci with Allison Gleichman Maggie Pownsend, Andrew and Alison Longworth and Christy Huffman Shannon Tarufelli with Alita Montemayor KOSI 101 Morning Show hosts Murphy (Huston) and Jo (Myers)
Volunteer Lori Maier shows off her pink cowboy hat Kelly Pineda, a study in black & red Judy Bizzony puts up with Dallas Kinkaid John Gladbach goes over the top
John Gladbach with Joanne O'Callaghan SafeHouse Volunteer Jessie Freer is riding high Blacktie freelancer Marcelo Mainzer battles Chris Arnold Country Dance Instructor Ralph Dopheide keeps the crowd going with line dancing
Arm wrestling isn't just a mans sport Line Dancing isn't always as easy as it looks, but it's always fun ! Helios Walker hangs on! Dallas Kinkaid proves what goes up...
...Must come down Line dancers Terrell Curtis, Director of Communications and Lydia Schnepel, Capital Campaign Coordinator are both with The Gathering Place Bull riding, line dancing and cow milking make for big appetites The Railbenders Tyson-Bass, John- Pedal Steel, Graham- Drums and Jim-Lead Singer and Guitar
Sweethearts Kim Clark and Chris Miller Lots of good stuff in the silent auction SafeHouse Executive Director Ellen Wallace, left, Special Events Manager Renu Poduval, Children's Program Manager Chessie Morgan and Director of Shelter Services Jeanine Mayer
Fred and Bess White in Hawaiian Country apparel At registration Fred Johnson and Carmon Spatz    
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