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November, 12 2005 - Channing Cheers on CNI

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Co-chair Ginny Messina, left, greeted CNI Executive Director Luanne Williams and Gala Committee Chair Kathy Judd. Jack McCaffrey chatted with Jane Smedley. Honoree Dan Weyland is greeted by Auction Chair Mary McNicholas. Lynn Bunnell (member of the event committee), left, chatted with Clarence Bunnell, George Merlo, Charlene Merlo, and Kim Merlo.
CNI's Development Director, Melissa Francis, left, greeted Gerald Schaffer, Beverly Schaffer and Bonnie Raymer. Dan Sherman is greeted by CNI's Natalie Pyle. Bruce Schuster, left, talked with Jane Schuster and Jack McCaffrey. CNI Executive Director Luanne Williams took a minute to catch up with her husband, Marc Williams, who is an Aurora City Councilman.
Wayne and Deannie Stengel enjoyed the evening. Co-chair Louis Messina chatted with LaFawn Biddle. Mike Allen, left, with Cheryl Allen, Ginny Strange and Peter Strange Honoree Dan Weyland, left, with Helen Qualls and Ron Jacobs
Warren Hanks, Helen Hanks (center) and Sandie Walling greeted guests as they arrived. Larry and Wanda Fanning,left, with Arlene Mohler, and CNI board chair Don Johnson. Arlene and Don donated a wine and dine experience for 12 people at their home as an auction item. Margaret and Dave Rhyne enjoyed the evening. Dr. Peter Ricci, left, who is on the CNI Board and the corporate committee, is joined by his wife Florence, Dr. Tamie Kelsall and Dr. David Kelsall, also a board member
Mary Margaret Wright and Gary Wright had a wonderful time at the gala. Rich Sellers, left, with his wife Paula Sellers, Heather Loader, and David Allen. A trio subset of Sudden Impact, David Heck (left), Michael Friedman, and Holly Holverson, entertained the crowd during the silent auction and pre-dinner reception. Sue Goodin, left, chatted with honoree Dan Weyland and Stephanie Doss.
Honoree Dan Weyland, left, with fellow board member Roselyn Saunders and Ron Jacobs. Steve Edmonds, left, chatted with Honorary Chair Joy Burns, Honoree Dan Weyland, Ellen Levine, and Mark Levine (corporate committee). Art Shenken, left, talked with Ben Freidman and Larry Rosenberg. Carleen Johnson arrived with Jay Garcia to enjoy the evening's festivities.
Board members Roselyn Saunders and Artemis Khadiwala-Donian compared notes for the evening. Bob and Jeanne Carpenter, left, chatted with Artie and Linda Gibbard. Board member Bonnie Mandarich with her husband David. The Mandarich's were major sponsors of the event. Dr. Don Smith (Medical Advisory Board) is greeted by CNI Executive Director Luanne Williams.
Lisa Ruiz, left, talked with Jaimee Pacheco, Renee and Jerry Glass. President of the Medical Advisory Board, Dr. John McVickers, is greeted by CNI's Natalie Pyle. Lisa Franzia arrived with board member Norman Dyer. Co-chairs Richard and Jean Watt enjoyed the evening.
Art Anstine and Mary Anstine, past CEO of HealthONE Alliance. A happy group getting ready to enjoy dinner: Jim Ratliff, left, Gabriella Stevens, Artemis Khadiwala-Donian, Leo Donian, Joanie Siler and artist Todd Siler. Jim Parks, left, chated with Mikki Wolf and Barb Parks Board Member Douglas Kerbs, left, with Deviree Vallejo, Dan Brown, and Warren LeSage.
Board Members Bonnie Mandarich, left, and Roselyn Saunders, with Stephanie Doss, who is modeling a dress from Lillie Ruben that was being auctioned, donated by Artemis Khadiwala-Donian. Jan and Denny Halverson, left, chatted with Joe Gates and Mary Pierick. Corporate chair Doug Tisdale, left, greeted Lynn Godfrey and Maxx Messer. Barbara Ferguson, left, is joined by her husband Charlie Ferguson, Chairman of HealthONE hospital, and Mary Anstine, past CEO of HealthONE Alliance.
CNI Board Chair Don Johnson greeted the guests. Kathy and Arthur Judd said a few words as event chairs. Co-chairs Jean Watt, left, and Ginny Messina received rose bouquets. Honoree Dan Weyland was congratulated by Medical Advisory Board President John McVickers M.D., as Charleen Merlo looks on.
Charleen Merlo, president of the volunteers, on stage with honoree Dan Weyland (center) and Dr. John McVickers. Carol Channing, aka Richard Skipper, presented a rose during her entrance. Skipper's performance was vintage Channing, with some humorous crowd ribbing mixed in. "Channing" doubled as auctioneer for the evening's spectacular live auction items.
Channing smiled and played to the crowd. Channing held Will Wagnon's cellphone hostage until he came up and did a duet with her. "Channing" got Bob Letender, left, and Richard Dahl to dance with her. Channing brought honoree Dan Weyland on stage with her to auction Weyland's Vail timeshare.
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