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November, 19 2005 - Adoption Exchange: Home is Where the Heart Is

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Platinum Sponsors of the Adoption Exchange event Sandy and Jim Padgett, left, joined Development Dirctor and Event Coordinator Jacki Propernick Dick and Jean Reimer, left, chatted with Phillip and Amy Ellsworth This necklace was the prize for the lucky winner who bought the right key for $20. It was specially designed by Sheri MaKenna Moore. Michael Cantwell, left, talked with Doug and Cynthia Evans and Susan Cantwell.
Co-chairs of the event, Judi and Don Butt, left, are greeted by Mary Beth L'Abbe and Fitz Fisher. Dave Zinger, left, talked with Dave Aylmer and Todd Blakely. Terry and Mary Beth Gorrell,left, with Martin Wohnllich. Jane and David Christie, left, with Rose and Bob Blaylock.
Honorary chairs Doug and Jane Moe, left, with Co-Chairs Ron and Nastassja Zappolo and Co-Chairs Judi and Don Butt. Betty Feightner, left, with Judi Nolta and Patsy Kumasawa, greeted their sister, Adoption Exchange Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis. Betty flew in from Indianapolis and Judi and Patsy flew in from Washington state to be part of the festivities. Andrea and Ken Lund, left, joined Dawn and Dr. Tom Benenati. Wednesday's Child award recipient Pat McDonnell, left, with Lori Bowman and Tim Ballard.
Marcia and David Christofferson, left, with Barb and Tom Foncannon and Kat Raines and Allen Rheem. Marcia later was the high bidder in the live auction and got a dance with John O'Hurley. Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis, left, greeted Andrea Shannon, Ryta Sondergard, Pam Ignet, and Sandy Autrey. Julie Clark, left, with Duane Clark and Marian Aylmer. Marian is Epicurean Catering's Larry DiPasquale's mother-in-law, and Larry and his wife Jill, bought a dance with John O'Hurley in the live auction. Coach Bill Ficke, former coach of the Nuggets with Doug Moe from 1982-1985, left, with Executive Director of Boy's Hope Debbie and Ronny O'Dwyer.
Joe Adams, left, greeted Barbara and Von Fransen. Dr. Tom Larkin, left, greeted Attorney Walter Gerash and Fred Fielder. Dennis and Deitra Dupray enjoyed the evening. Donna Adam, left, with James Wisler and Nancy Lewis.
Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis greeted Ed and Nancy Widmann. Until recently, Ed was on the Adoption Exchange board, and they were celebrating because they just heard that the Adoption Exchange is this year's recipient of the coveted City Club Award. Master of Ceremonies, CBS 4's Ed Greene chatted with Edie Marks. Epicurean Catering's Larry DiPasquale, an honorary board member, with Adoption Exchange's Shelby Perry. Board members Joan Prugh and Richard Hess chatted about the evening's successes.
Angie and Bill Dallman, News Director for Fox 31, Adoption, left, with Exchange Board Member Pam Kiker and Co-Chair Ron Zappolo of Fox 31. Von Fransen, left, talked with Laurie and Kim Haarberg. Guests at the Grills Foundation table, a gold sponsor, included Cindy Charlifu, left, Jeri Dufford, Ina Grills and Sarah Tommer. Dave Kiker, left, with Tony Karnesi, Board Member Pam Kiker, Chris Kiker, and in front, David Eaton.
Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Ed Greene and Brooke Wagner from CBS 4. Brooke is the anchor of the Adoption Exchange Wednesday's Child program. Lyndie Moe, age seven, danced and yodeled her way into the hearts of the guests, as her grandparents Doug and Jane Moe looked on. Co-chairs Dick and Judi Butt said a few words. Honorary chairs Doug and Jane Moe greeted the crowd. Jane was chair of the first Fantasy Ball, 18 years ago.
Ron Zappolo stood in support of his wife Nastassja as she talked about being up for adoption as a child. Co-chairs Ron and Nastassja Zappolo, left, with Judi and Don Butt, received rose bouquets in appreciation of their hard work. Shari Cahill did an impromtu Woody Woodpecker impression on a dare from neighbor Tim Marcus, who promptly paid $3,000 to the Adoption Exchange as a reward. Cathy Griffin and Kenny Parks delivered a beautiful rendition of "Dance With Me," written by guild member and Cathy's mother Mary Griffin.
The McDonnell family received this year's Wednesday's Child award for their dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the Adoption Exchange. From left: Matt, Jack and Pat McDonnell. John O'Hurley's bride of 13 months, Lisa O'Hurley modeled the 21-carat gold peridot and amethyst necklace and earrings up for auction. She grinned as her husband jokingly tried to give her away with the jewelry. John O'Hurley, star of screen, stage, and dog shows, delivered an hilarious comedy routine. Dixie van de Flier Davis gave an emotional thank you to the crowd as Ron Zappolo, left, John O'Hurley and Ed Greene looked on.
Highest Bidder Marian Aylmer had the time of her life dancing with John O'Hurley. Marian got "dipped" by John. The crowd was revved up and ready to dance to the music of Funkiphino. Marian Aylmer told O'Hurley she was going to dance his socks off, and she did!
John O'Hurley hugged the second winner of a dance with him, Marcia Christofferson. John O'Hurley and Marcia Christofferson had a wonderful time commanding the dance floor, and the Adoption Exchange raised $15,000 for two dances with O'Hurley. Funkiphino entertained the crowd with '70s jive. Gold sponsor Ina Grills, left, with Bert van de Flier and Adoption Exchange Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis.
Several people gathered around to meet John O'Hurley, who in his own words "is a celebrity" now that he was chosen for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive award (page 134, he tells us repeatedly). Top row: Ben Krell, Marlene Krell, Ken Mesloh. Middle row: John O'Hurley, Lisa O'Hurley, Dixie van de Flier Davis, Bert van de Flier. Bottom row: Chris Kiker and Pam Kiker. John O'Hurley with gold sponsor Ina Grills John O'Hurley and CBS 4's Ed Greene and Brooke Wagner. Barbara Greene does a fox trot move with John O'Hurley.
Ed Greene, left, with Barbara Greene, John O'Hurley, Lisa O'Hurley, Brooke Wagner and Rick Carr. John and Lisa O'Hurley, left with co-chairs Judi and Don Butt. Lisa O'Hurley, left, with John O'Hurley and platinum sponsors Jim Sandy Padgett. Lisa and John O'Hurley, left, with Wednesday's Child honorees Pat and Jack McDonnell.
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