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March, 15 2006 - Soup for the Soul Supports and Saves Souls

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Erin Denholm CEO Centrua Health at Home, left, Brenda Crawley, Chris Agnew Karen Lawrence, left, Tanya Wolverton, Jennifer McBride Jacklie Yost, left, Jane Wilson Marty and Bill Hornaday
Jennifer Chadwick, left, Rebecca Saltman Rick Rodock, Christine Gallego with their Huggable Butterfly Bears Deb and Alan Karsh Tanja Curtis, left, Paul Brewster, Martina Manzone
Sarah Rector, left, Tara Bassett Volunteers Soup for the Soul Lisa Cutter Public Relations Consultant, left, Carrie Hobbs Barbara Wagner, left, Jan Cox Kirk and Jane Reed, left, Jim Boyle CEO Porter Hospital
Linda Kropf, left, Sally and Jim Conley Alisa Rathbun, left, Angie and Scott Spencer Russel and Margaret Givins Steve Bjork, left, Cynthia Anderson Board Member, Kerry Repola
Leslie Gardner, left, Lori Garcia-McGehee Lynne Hedrick, left, Ellen Servetar John and Phyllis Travers Dianne Newberry, left, Sam and Marcia Latkin
Christine and Ken Thiesen Mavis and Forrest Nelson Bob and Mikee Kapelke, left, Jim Grange Jane Reed, left, Pam Schreier, Penny Hawkins
Jim Sexton, left, Kelly Pacatte, Corky Douglass Jim Boyle, Laura Fitch Director of Events Chris Agnew, left, Jon Hoehn, Kathie Repola Executive Director Porter Hospice and Hospice of Peace, Laura Fitch Jann and John Morrison
P.J. Doyle, left, Judy Archuleta Rochelle Hanna, left, Kristi Baste Jim Guttau, Heidi Pattison Chefs of Luca D'Italia and Mizuna serve their creations to guests
Wendel Wurzweiler, left, Joe and Anne Ellis, Chris Leoni Dewinger Martinez, Stacie Schubert Olinger Morturaries and Cemeteries Former Mayor Wellington Webb with Wilma Webb, left, Angela Williams, Reggie Reynolds San Lorenzo Ristorante with Chef Craig D'Alessandro
Jeannie Bennington, left, Ruth P. Carney Event Chair Ristorante Amore with Owner Greg S. Goldfogel Guest samples the Asia Onion Soup at P.F. Chang's China Bistro Japon with their California and Spicy Tuna Roll display
Opus, a favorite amongst attendees for the Chocolate Dessert Soup EMCEE Kim Christiansen 9NEWS Anchor welcomes attendees 6th Annual Event Brian Greffe, M.D. Recipient of the Award of Courage, left, Erin Denholm
Doug Turner, Father of a former patient of the Butterfly Program, gave a testament to the importance of the success and the conuinuation of the Butterfly Program      
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