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July, 24 2006 - Move Over, Tour de France: the Courage Classic

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The finish line at Leadville High School awaited cyclists completing the 2006 Courage Classic. The vistas throughout the course were breathtaking. Alphonso Barbee, left, was one of the first finishers. He is with Tanya Greathouse and Michell Irving. Dennis Strecker is welcomed by his granddaughter, 1-year-old Paige Strecker and her mom Robin Strecker.
Special events coordinator Leslie McKay with her son Aidan Philand. Kelli Kindel, left, was volunteer coordinator of more than 450 volunteers. She is with public relations associate Erica Fox. Team Saunders Construction--Back row, from left: Brian Cohen, Doug Wilson, Roman Olivas, Stacy Shapiro, Nadine Szablya. Front row, from left: Jeff Anker, Scott Murdoch, Ernie Stefely, Bill Sars, Jesus Holguin. Pat Downey of Old Chicago took care of announcements and host duties.
Volunteers manned the sales booth. Nancy Bohren with 8-month-old Willem Moon. Pediatric Peddlers: from left in back, Claudia Gilbert, Merritt Hess, Kevin Gilbert, Marc Leifeste, Jim Lewis, Sam Shaw. Front: Eben Carsey, John Fernie Volunteers Marie Buen, Gianna Costo and Charles Wilcox did a great job serving up grub.
Jeanette Schneider, left, and Opal Norris helped to serve lunch. Team Jets for Kids of Boulder Mike Maughlin, left, with Jay Sage, Laura Zoerner and Aaron Zoerner. Sean Glenn, left, with dad Tom Glenn, Emma Glenn and Kathy Glenn, of Longmont.
Kids played musical chairs to the amusement of the crowd. Alan Christie, left, with Suellen Loher, Doug Call, Melinda Lutz and Andrea McGinn Talented band Joe Fornothing, formerly known as Loose Change, did a great job. Sammy the terrier has a few comments.
Team Courage was welcomed by cheers and applause from hundreds of onlookers. They are present and former patients at Children's Hospital. Marilyn Olen, 79, enjoys chatting with Irving Weiss, 87, who had some tips about staying in shape. Team YAPS (Youth and Pet Survivors) Cory Carroll, left, Anise Fletcher, who just finished 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy, Connie Fredman and 3-legged Boone, who really enjoyed the ride. There were bikes everywhere.
Molly and Jim Mills and their cheerleader dog Tallulah Ken Blum and Lily Team Fat Tire had a great time. Team Zolo Riders are from Boulder.
Team "Megasore-ass": from left, Mary Bruce Glaize, who came out from Virginia for her 50th birthday, and whose team nickname is "Amb-ass-adore; Deb Golden, aka "Gonzal-ass", and Barb Russell, "Beaudaci-ass." Rich and Ginger Pokrant give the high five. President/CEO of Children's Hospital Foundation Steve Winesett pulled three of his kids alternately on each day of the ride. From left, Whit, Steve, Hallye, Claire, Kim Winesett and baby Lily. 6-year-old Nathan Populorum did a great job dishing out ice cream for Dreyer's.
Helen McQueeney, left, with blind triathlete Nancy Stevens. Tim Walsh of Golden was ecstatic after finishing the race. Team Mac had a great time. James and Katie Cohnen. Katie is still smiling after breaking her collarbone in a crash on the first day of the ride.
Sabrina Riddle, left, Allyson Schult and Mark Riddle cheered at each of the riders: "Make it to the top! Never stop! You can do it!"      
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