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August, 29 2006 - Tiny Miracles at The Inverness Golf Course

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Tiny Miracles at Inverness Golf Club Metropolitan Homes express Life Registration at the tournament Executive Assistant Donna Houchin, on wheels
Peter Kudla, on the move John Radi, left, Bret Parkhurst, Chris Gorgano and Jon Lawson It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place this world is when one is playing golf. ~Robert Lynd Gary and Donna Antonoff, with Jim Vasbinder and David Johnson
Shane Mendenhell, left, Mark Cummiskey, Kent Hubble and Josh Hayes Jeff Jones, left, Matt Deichert, Adam Loomis and Ryan Lane Rocky Johnson, left, Tanner Fannello, Erich Weiss and Steve Johnson Bruce Stewart, Suzie Boyd, Bobby Laughlin and Tracy Spence
Proud to represent TSC Framing Contractors: Todd Urbach, left, Eric Declercq, Brian Ovind and Cortlin Moody Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad. ~A.A. Milne Neal Paul, left, Bob Grahm, Devin Spindler and Brad Yhlig Golf, like the measles, should be caught young, for, if postponed to riper years, the results may be serious. ~P.G. Wodehouse,
Ron Green, Carla Strain, Buzz Welch and Greg Benton Dave Steinke, Paul Schmergek, Dave Purdy and Ray Beresford Don Elliman, left, Don Cortz, Greg Krause and Skip Miller Cheri Meyn, left, Cindy Lantz, Laurie Brennan and Kathy Heinz
Dave Morrill, left, John Lillard, Justin Stein and Darrel Johnson John Gatlin, Tleft, om Kauffman, Andre Teebken and Karl Froelich John Pike, left, Andy Wallace, John Brimberry and Dan Wenzinger Lee Hull, left, Buddy Smith, Jere Shellberg and Mark Bronner
Bill O'Neil, left, Bob Buchanan, Derek Smith and Brian Healy Curt Boyd, left, Steve Kirgan, Randy Rehbein and Don Douglass John Hagen, left, Luis Hernandexz John Robinson and Erick Schmeutz Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears. ~Bobby Jones
John Traintos, left, Chris Dodson, Jed Anderson and Blake Larsen Steve Chun, left, Chuck Jackson, Dwight Howard and Chris Crump Mike Sitz, left, Pete Thompson, Dean Hanson and Cort Moody Mark Kopatz, left, Mike Ermish, Rob Donigan and Andrew Harrah
Scott Zimmerman, David Jack and Todd Serles John Golish, left, Pat Scheurer, Bruce Fifer and Dick Gheen Mike Maginty, Paul Gortzig, Wendy Symalla and Jay Flynn Golf is like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart. ~Arthur Daley
Roger Blenkenbuehler, Troy Taranova, Kathy Yevoli and Harry Wilson Golf is a fascinating game. It has taken me nearly forty years to discover that I can't play it. ~Ted Ray Rod McCoy, left, Rocky Hoffschneider Sr,, Rocky Hoffschneider Jr. and Steve O'Brian Brad Meyn, left, Steve Lantz, Coach Bill Meyn, Jim Brennan and Dave Heinz
Forget your opponents; always play against par. ~Sam Snead Scot Hanson, left, Devin Williams, Mark Able and Josh Symaila Peter Kudla getting ready to cook What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive. ~Arnold Palmer
Golf gives you an insight into human nature, your own as well as your opponent's. ~Grantland Rice Music to dine by Tanya Torstenson and Brian Prochaska spread the wine Bruce Mardick and Cassandra Kicklighter take a little ride on a little scooter
Robin Gates, Adam Kraft, Rita Anderson and Tanyan Torstenson gave each golfer a token of appreciation Bonnie Kudla, half of a great team Peter Kudla, in just one of his elements The Man and his Bar B Que
Golfers line up for one of Kudla's meals Huge Prawns round out the exceptional Bar B Que meal Special Assistant Lindsey Alexander and Steve Winesett, President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation Peggy Warner, Vice President and husband Robert Robert Matz, Waterton Property Management
Leah Dickerson Corporate Giving Associate and Peggy Warner, The Children's Hospital Foundation Director of Golf Jim Lemke sends off the second flight of Golfers A passion, an obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand, and water. ~Bob Ryan Max Guetz, left, Bruce Mardick, Casey Levering and Dan Lowe
Stan Cohen, Lou Sigman and Michael & Devra Oach John Yarberry Alison Gallagher, Bob Evans and Dave Becker Gordon Louadagin, left, Don Bodemann, Pat Turgeon and Derek Peterson Columbus went around the world in 1492. That isn't a lot of strokes when you consider the course. ~Lee Trevino
Brad Cofield, Jay Wesk, Tack Reiter and Brett Blank Tom Ortols, left, Mike Abscher, Mark Fabian and Greg Jones Rick Miller, left, Wayne Gardenswartz, Rocky Miller and Sol Lliftin Alex Janicelli, left, Doug Morland, Mike Downey and Carl Dentsan
Dan Cook, left, Phil McClur, Devin Bundy and Nick Vuolo Larry LaKamp, left, Art Scott, Dwayne Sharpe and Gordon Hall Burt Carlson, left, Don Figy, Rob Abrams and Don Wallace Kent Grahl, left, Paul Lucatuorto, Ziv Cohen and John Horbeak
Robert Matz , left, Marty Herzog, Steve Arnt and Art Kleinstein Terry Anderson, Richard Marcus, Jane Rubley and Floyd Abeyta Steve Black, left, Mark Perry, Scott Nelson and Mike Faricy Daniel Fowler, left, Jeffrey Stalder, Tom Dilavou and Greg Schreiner
Dan Halton, left, John Lindsay, Tod Floyd and Curt Henderson Gary Prentiss, left, Michael Rozell, Scott Grant and Randy Spurlock Marc & Kelly Steron, left, with Libby Weaver and Jeff Robinson Rick Heller, left, Randy Slaybaugh, Beverly Saunders and Peer Tobin
Steve Kris, left, Allan Walters, Curtis Bova and Jay Perlmutter Dennis Hauck, left, Jack Keane, Bruce Siegrist and Justin Land Dick Neuhalfen, left, Tom Sojak, Bill Smith and Michael O' Connell Don Elliman, left, Ron Williams, Don Cortz and Skip Miller
Pat Mulhern, left, Mitch Chambers, Ron Lambert and Scott Barnett The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody put a flagstick on top. ~Pete Dye Keith Callender, Chris Walter, Mark Teets and Chris Baker Manuel Martinez, Pat Cortez, Michelle & Larry Trujillo
Mike Kennedy, left, Dan Crouse, Mike Anderson and Eric Aitken Robert Adams, left, Eric Coeplin, Rick Watson and Ted Harris Gary Levine, left, Brett Perry, Brent Morse and Rick Brown Johm Gallaty, left, Mark Lockwood, Bob Struck and Mike Quirk
Stu Bennet, left, Charlie Gallagher, Coach Chuck Brega, Eric Lindquist and Mike Hohn Brad Rothhammer, left, Dick Monfort, Tom Lee and Rick Stoddard Scott Beasley, left, John O'Meara, Scott Menefee and Bill Woodward I can airmail the golf ball, but sometimes I don't put the right address on it. ~Jim Dent
Jeff Riggs, left, Peter Keeper, TJ Tarbell and Mike Jeffries I'm hitting the woods just great, but I'm having a terrible time getting out of them. ~Harry Toscano Rita Anderson, Land Acquisition and Entitlements with Metropolitan Homes,,,,and balloon killer! Donna Houchin taking care of one of the thousands of details that make a great event, great.
Peter rides in. Peter and friend Donna Arnold Peter and friends, Karen Youll, left, Casandra Kickligher, Shelley Brzozowski and Vikki Popcheff With so many good things at the silent auction its hard to decide what to bid on.
Randy and Mary Rankin Jare and Dawn Shelberg Peter, Bonnie and Brian Mark and Janine Kopatz
Josh and Desiree Lauri and John Tatlock Kim, Tim and Ben Egan with Grandma Hellen Konrad Joe and Terri Egan
Joe and Gretchen Roske Shimberg and Julia Duffy Jay and Lisa Flynn Keith and Michelle Callender
The patio was packed with supporters of Tiny Miracles Chris Watney with Ted Harris Lanett Berconleft, with Deborah Green, Metropolitan Homes vice president of sales and marketing Dave Morrill and Bobbi Taylor
Dr. John Kinsella with former patient Ben Egan More fantastic food at Tiny Miracles John and Christine Moris of Gold Label Doors Deborah Green welcomes and settles the crowd
Wired President, Tammy Johnson, introduces Emcee,,,,,Peter Kudla Peter calls for a toast to the hundreds of people who came together to make the event possible Everyone raises a glass Peter Kudla, auctioneer
3 nights at the Wynn Hotel & Golf Club for eight I got $5,000, over here, who'll give me 10? Sold !!!!!!!!!!!! Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos, 10 people in a private catered box
Gimme $15,000 Way in the back, a bid Peter see's all USC vs. Notre Dame and golf in L.A., four days and three nights
Gimme $8000!! Bonnie Kudla, holds the joy 9:30 on the dot and the auction is done. Now the raffle for a scooter, a motorcylce and a touring car.
Peter gives a last word of gratitude. A community of friends and co-workders says goodnight after a hard day and night of play.    
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