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September, 16 2006 - What the Future Holds, 2006 Childrens Hospital Gala

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Howard and Blanca Lerman; Howard is the chair of Denver Camp Jewish Education and Blanca is on the board of National Jewish A gorgeous fur coat went for over $3,000 just at the silent auction! Ginnie Kontnik and Paul Esserman Mike and Amy Whalen
Ryan and Mary Rhinehart Lissa Moon, Children's Hospital Foundation events manager, and Kate O'Brien, an intern with the Foundation Dan and Dawn McLaughlin Chuck and Sally Wilson
Sarah Meile and Bryan Olshock were among some of the evening's younger guests Eugene and Laura Bard Craig Fleishman and Wendy Brown Barney and Marlene Seward
Marcy Benson and Laura Wright Christel and Steve Dikeman Walt and Georgia Imhoff Andrew and Wendy Bermingham
Gary Jamell and Jessica Kleinhenz Shannon Artmann and Andrew Pancroft Steve and Merry Logan Kathy and Kirk Riedinger
Rachel and Brina Corbett Angela Camiolo, Joe Camiolo, Robert Reynolds and Jen Dobson Laura and Doug Wright, left, Dan Forey, Joan Payne and Ellen Robinson Kristen and Ariel Solomon, left, and Melanie and Charlie Nygren
Mike and Sue Farrell, left, and Dr. Steve and Dee Daniels Miggy Monroe, left, and Miles Cortez and Sheila McCabe Debora Lappin, Michelle Hanley, John Hanley and Jan Cortez Donald Duck was even up for auction in a pop art piece called "Number Thirteen" done in Serigraph
Wendy and Dr. Michael Handler, Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Dr. Steve Daniels, Head of Pediatrics, Bobbi Siegel and Dr. Gary Siegel, an allergist and Dee Daniels Dr. Andrew Sirotnak and Lyn Schaffer From left: Steve Burman, Dean Prina, Patricia Barrella-Rivera, David Alexander and Sue Simos Ann Frein, Tomme Kaplan, and Teresa Johnson, all seated at table one
Pat McTeer and Pam Esker Chelsea Bathrick enjoying a ride in a classic '65 ford mustang convertible. Steve and Kim Winsett, (Steve is President and CEO of the Foundation), left, and Leslie Schaeffer and Mark Rosenbaum From left to right: Betsy Serele and Milee Branham, Eileen and Dave Morton with Andrisen Morton and Candy Roberts
Steve Farber, left, Christy Luth and Craig Andrisen with Andrisen Morton From left to right: Carrie Morgridge, Texie Lowery, Kristin Richardson, and Andrea Gray Mike Kennedy, left, Rachel Brown and Mark Brown Cory Helm, Pam Ruschmeyer, and Jeff Schmidt, right
David and Bonnie Mandrich, left, with Richmond Homes, and Wendy Brown and Craig Fleishman the Funky Beat Kids The Funky Beat Kids The Funky Beat Kids
The Funky Beat Kids Chuck and Diane Hooper, left, Sandy Morrison, the VP for planned and leadership gifts, and Jane and Jim Wiltshire, right Judi and Joe Wagner All of this year's Ambassadors for the children's hospital were handing out auction information at the top of the stairs. (Back Row, L-R)) Anise Fletcher, Zellie Elliot, Madeline Seusy,Nolan McLaughlin,(front row) Eryn Ely and Dominic Harden.
Emma Wildermuth and Cindy Morrissey, both volunteers A 2007 Volvo C70 Convertible, valued at $46,070 was only one of the incredible live auction items Matt and Stephanie Seebaum and Tim and Irene Antonio Hildy and Jack Wold
Sarah Shepherd, left, and Greg and Katy Bante From left to right: Molly Hughes, her husband John Butler, Walter Isenberg, Christie Isenberg and Willy and Sarah Sheperd Jery and Nikki Quinn Sylvia Atencio, Steve Chotin and Ginnie Kontnik, right
Marcy and Bruce Benson, Marcy is Chairman of the Board of Trustees with the Foundation, and has been on the board for 10 years Linda Christie-Horn and Bill Husted From left to right: Megan Kemper, Mariner Kemper, Kathy Coors, Jane Hartgrove and Mead Hudson Joy Johnson, left, Vivian Carlson, and Rick and Janie Stoddard, right
Barb Gallaher, Kelly Kennedy and Diane Gallagher Tracy Ludlow and Laura and Joel Hoffman Richard and Marsha Baum Tania Zeigler, Ferd Belz, and Christy Belz
Nancy and Mark Riedel, left, Mike and Diane Eustace, Steve Beard and Tim Donohue, right Ann and John Pritzlaff and Beth and Kevin Starkey From left to right: Josh Stewart, Lou DeSalvo, Robin Andrews and Steve DeSalvo Martin and Jennie Pucher
Brad and Van McCreedy and Brad and Sherry Robinette Diane and Carl Luppens Kelly Tschetter, left, Renee Tschetter, and Leyla O'Brien, right Peggy Judy, left, with Steve and Sue Shaffer
Corporate Chairs John and Bridget Grier CBS4's Molly Hughes Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News performs John Colla of Huey Lewis ond the News
Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News performs Steve Burns of Huey Lewis and the News Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News performs Volunteers Becky Rosenau and Ken Tucker
Amy Wilson and Kristen Conner Mary Naslund, Sarah Kingsbury and John Naslund Gala Chairs Virginia and Scott Reiman Hospital Chairs Marcy and Bruce Benson with Scott Reiman, left
Auction Chairs Elizabeth Milas and Sue Shaffer Dinner Chairs Mike and Kelly Kennedy. Public Relations Chair Stephanie Clark with Sylvia Atencio Bob and Mary O'Neal
Beth and Kevin Starkey Childrens Hospital President Dori Biester with Doug Frey President of the Children's Hospital Foundation Steve Winesett with chair memeber Marcie Benson Bryan and Elizabeth Neff
Tom and Janet Rountree Corporate Chairs Walter and Christie Isenberg Cathy Klein, Patricia Barela Rivera, Dr. Dean Prina and Dr. Jordan Klein Walt Yearick with Sandy Wolf-Yearick
John, Lyle, Jennifer and Byron Barksdale traveled all the way from North Platte, Nebraska to attend the Children's Hospital Event Jennifer and Martin Pucher Robert Reynolds, Jen Dobson,with Chris and Lisa Flathert Rich Todd, Andrew Soloman, and Tom Krause
Anne Klein, Marylou Houston and Maggie Werner from the Childrens Hospital Page Williams, Jaclin Kadera, and Jamie Kadera Susan and Scott Smith with Annita Manogan and David Greene John Quigly, Julie Thostrup, with Bridget and Dave Kornder
Bruce and Kelly James with Mary and Michael Hancock Corporate Chairs Bruce and Lisa Grier 2006 Childrens Hospital Ambassadors (from left to right) Paul Lemieux, Madeline Seusy, Eryn Ely, Zellie Elliot, Dominic Harden, Nolan McLaughlin, and Anise Fletcher with gala chairs Virginia and Scott Reiman Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News performs
Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News performs      
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