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October, 13 2006 - SafeHouse Denver Goes Retro

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Appetizers were served by "cigarette girls." Straighten Up & Fly Right with the Denver Nuggets Auction Item. This included a jersey and basketball signed by Carmello Anthony The tables were set beautifully The ballroom was beautiful
There was a '60s-inspired lounge created for guests' relaxation Ralph & Maggie Palmer Lourdes & Jose Amaya Chris Ross, left, Mark Choury
There was a wonderful silent auction for people to browse, looking for something special This auction package included great memorabilia for the tennis enthusiast Jim & Lisa Osgood Amanda Kolby, left, Krissie Deeks, Nancy Thorn, Amy Thomas
Mike & Debbie Zuege Tammy & Dean Muller Kate & Ethan Lively Jovita & Jim Freeland
Kate Flora, left, Kristi Palmer, Eric Flora Joel Doub, left, with Karen, Kate and Alan Fox Jaime Peterson and SafeHouse Board Member Bob Kelley Stephanie Feuer with Tim Vonstorch
Patrice Henning, left, and Anne Harris take a moment to relax Tammy & Jim Westerberg Heather Magic, left, Sara Donohue Amy Thomas, left, Amanda Kolby
Lisa Kunkel, left, Natalie Elkins, Bob Kelley, Karen Fox Anne Bowman with Brad Smith Beautiful flowers were all around the room Bess Baskfield, left, Penny Sherlock, Ginger Sherlock, Hannah Evans
Liz Kincanon with Dan Dahlberg Pam & Robert Mitchell Kerry & Michelle Moss Lori Koher-Ringler, left, Robin Margolin, Beverly and Dan Jacobson
Lourdes Amaya, left, Claudia Miller Lauren & Chris Renfrow Dominic & Karrie Castro Annette & Joe Saunders
Pam & Doug Bonnie Cheryl Law, left, Stephanie Ratzell Ashley Kilroy, left, John Kane, Jim Kilroy Katherine Touff with Matthew Furedy
Tammy & Dean Muller, left, Mike & Debbie Zuege Pete Dye, left, Gaby Clifton, Dale Walton Melissa Sternfield, left, Tammy & Jim Westerberg, Anne & Jim Turner Kerri Lambardi with Joe Morales
Lisa Kunkel with Doug Donavan Norm Smith, left, Alan Fox Bob & Laurel Aucone DCPA's Andre Barette with Kelly Van Oosbree
Warren & Caroline Baker Nancy & Gordon Nelson Pat & Janie Prendergast Joseph & Yvonne Oliere
Monica & Paul Ehright      
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