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November, 16 2006 - Colorado Judicial Institute Honors Excellence

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Patty Cordova, left, and Gordon Butz - Co-Chairs Judge Thomas R. Phillips - Keynote speaker, left, with Gale T. Miller - CJI Board Chair and Laurence De Muth Jr. - CJI Board member Ralph Torres, left, and Becky Miller Updike - CJI Executive Director Dan Brinker, left, and Ron Butz
Paula DeMuth, left, and Kate Bailey Mary Birk - CJI Board member, left, and Marie Drake Honoree Lynn Karowsky, left, and wife Bev Abby Anderson, left, of JP Anderson and Melinda Harper
Kathleen Nalty, left, and Judge Craig Shaffer Jennifer Poynter, left, and David Stevens Judge Chriss Cross, left, Thomas Kanan and Ronald Nemirow June Baker Laird, left, and Mark Fogg
John Lien, left, James Dallner and Zack Chenault Tim Kratz, left, Kim Jacques, Daniel Gross and Jay Labe Mike Burns, left, Peggy Burns, Abby Anderson and JP Anderson Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, left, and Russel Murray
Joe Silver, left, and Steve Kelly Robert Benson, left, and Anthony Navarro Greg Daniels, left, Laura Hass, and Rob Zavaglia Paula Smith, left, with Rick Rufner and Brad Ramming
John and Lorna Streelman Melissa Kerin, left, and Kim Taylor with Holme Roberts and Owen LLC Jim Scarboro, left, and Mikee Kapelke Laurence DeMuth - CJI Board member, left, with Karen Salez
Judge Campbell, left, with John Moye Charles Gracia, left, with Karinn Harrington Rosemary Willis, left, with Diane Miller Marlene Gresh, left, with David and Mickey Heckenbach
Judge Thomas Curry - former award recipient, left, with Brittany, Marlene and Lauren Gresh Dr. Helen H. Hand - wife of Supreme Court Justice Michael Bender, left, with Skip Netzora - President of Colorado Trial Lawyers and Liz Starrs - President Colorado Bar Chuck Brega,left, Fred Winters and Judge Robert Fuller Jane Netzorg, left, with Shawn Tanaka
Marilyn Moll, left, Susan Keegen - CIBER, Inc. and Rebecca Alexander, Baker & Hosteter Barbara Price, left, and Sharon Harris Brittany Gresh, left, with Barbara Price and Sharon Harris Dana Nelson - event coordinator with Judge Bruce Campbell
Iris Eytan and John Portman Natalie Lucas, left, Melissa Ogburn, Kris Connor and Mark Stromberg Diane Hellwig, left, Kym Smiley and Gwen Young - Wheeler Trigg Kennedy - Platinum Sponsors Marty Beier and David Tenner
Kristi Blumhardt, left, with Julie Brasel Julie Brasel with David Hersh, Hersh & Jardine, P.C. Ann Frick, left, Bill Walters and Larry Theis - Holme Roberts & Owen LLC Tom Korson, left, and Rodney Yokooji - Home Loan Experts
Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey and Rodney Yokooji Nancy Crow, left, Peggy Toal - Wells Fargo, Kathy Robertson - Wells Fargo and Jerry Robertson - Wells Fargo Tony Giacomini, left, April Elliott and Andrew Irvine with Holland and Hart LLC Judge Doris Burd - Denver County Court, left, with Judge James Bresse, Paula Bresse and Vicki Johnson
Tawnya and Phillip Chupik - Cooper, Clough, P.C. Suzanne and Jonathan Katchmar Kristi Blumbardt, left, and Tiffany Kenyon - Greenberg Traurig LLP with Jennifer Stafford The awards were quite unique
Judicial Excellence Award winners - Judge Louis Gresh,Judge Dennis Maes and Judge Lynn Karowsky Judicial Independence Award recipient - Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis    
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