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March, 16 2001 - takes a bow

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Blacktie-Denver CEO Mary Winter and Vice President Kenton Kuhn. Support team Walt Imhoff, husband of Blacktie exec Georgia Imhoff, and Nancy Hopper, wife of Vice President Kenton Kuhn. Cute couple Michael Hinton and Emily diDionisio. Denver legends Dawn Denzer and Jo Farrell.
Esther and John Copeland mingled at the Wellshire. Jeff and Jaylene Smith, fresh from their successful stint as chairmen of the 2001 Saturday Night Alive gala. The Denver Post's Suzanne Brown with husband and Denver City Council candidate Charlie Brown. (He's a good man.) Lovely Lorraine Smith and first lady of the Wellshire, Linda Goto.
Andi Smith, left, chats with Dan and Brenda Schrier. Helenn and Joe Franzgrote are supporters of Kenton Kuhn checks in with Jim Galbreath. Here's to you Denver: Blacktie founders Georgia Imhoff, Kenton Kuhn and Mary Winter.
Blacktie biz whizzes David Wardrop and Diane Wunnicke. Denver boosters Allan and Margot Gilbert Frank. Beauteous Judy Latuda and photographer Scott Young toast the new venture. Denver Post society scribe Joanne Davidson talks with Charlie Brown.
Paul and Jennifer Timmins with Walt Imhoff Glamorous Sherri and Michael Huseby. Mary Winter with Rocky Mountain News friends Lesley Kennedy, fashion editor, and society diva Dahlia Weinstein. Carol and Jim Roddy mix it up.
Mom and daughter Diane and Brooke Wunnicke. Sparkplug Jill Behr checked out the proceedings. Newberry Brothers Greenhouse carried out the black and white theme with tabletop topiaries of white roses. Gateaux Bakery dressed strawberries in natty chocolate tuxedoes and passed them during the champagne toast.
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