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February, 20 2007 - Safehouse Celebrates Fat Tuesday with Mile High Flair

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A display of gourmet crudites. Even the bar was decorated for Mardi Gras. Guests checked in and were able to buy tickets and beads at the front counter. Carolyn Bermudo, left, and Sheilah Dickson with Micro Motion; event sponsors.
Kathleen Nolan and Patti Carpenter. Brenda Volgenau and husband Chris with Scott Boindexter and Shawna Fowler. Richard Mitchell and Patti Carpenter. Monica Prado, left, safehouse volunteer Monica Enright, and Holly Johnson.
Ryan Roybal and wife Shannon with Shelly Wallace and Briton Sloan. Gunnar Hencmann, Jamie Shotton and A.C.. Kim Lackey, left, Nancy Maki and Kristin Hodgman. Doug McCorkle with Catering by Design desked out in Mardi Gras beads.
Ed McEntire with Derek Woodrum. Peter Coors with wife and Safehouse board member Meredith along with Paul Leasure and wife Lisa. Safehouse staff and volunteers selling tickets and beads. Executive Director Ellen Stein Wallace and husband Luther.
Paul Aludo from Safehouse with volunteer Julie Mansfield and Mark Choury. The dance floor was lit up by the Safehouse Denver logo. Keith Milton, left, next to highly decorated Jeffrey Payne and Jeff Bullis. The band, Funkiphino, played as guests danced.
Lisa Decker, left, Marla and Dick Gentry, and Katrina Heim. Katie Lenson with Jim Guttau and Linea Welton. Craig Scott with Andrew Atchley and John Kinzer. Susan Long and Dennis Laurita.
The horns blew the crown away. Singing songs from Aretha Franklin to the Jackson Five, Funkiphino kept everyone entertained. The authentic cajun food was displayed on brightly colored Mardi Gras themed table. Emily Hager, Susan Doyle and Leanna Lalla.
Laura Uselton, left, with Kimberly and Ryan Eisenbarth. Bree Smith, left, Daniella Clemons and Laura Venrooi. Cheryl Brady with Jill Pullaro, Eric Mikulka and Brooke Breazeale. Safehouse board members Matt Murray, Monica Denler, Bob Kelley and Brad Smith.
Aerial dancer Jennifer Wilcox amazed the crowd. Mile High Station bartenders Martin Martinis and Rachel Kassel. Chef Cade Nagy with wife Ingrid of Catering by Design. Safehouse members Brenda Volgenau and Natalie Wilkins.
Drumliners, Bash, jammed with the band. Julie Dehague, left, Karl Heitz and Jen Kirkham. Guests having a good time on the dance floor. Jeff Bullis showing off his dance moves.
Lead singer of Funkiphino, Cathy Griffin, could really hold a note.      
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