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March, 03 2007 - Here's Life Inner City Offers a Toast

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Rhonda and Mike Isham Mia Vlaar helping herself to some tasty appetizers Jazz band, C Spot Groove Emily Macallister with her father Tom
Alison Wagner and Ben Kelso Marcie and Salt Wall Band members Doug Carmichael, left, Marcel Carter, and Timothy Carmichael Staff members Gina Jones and Mia Vlaar
Staff member Dave Jones with wife Gina Wines featured at the tasting included Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Viognier Carol Satterlee, left, with staff member Lynn Brandt and Mike Satterlee There was a selection of wines available for purchase at the auction as well as for tasting.
Staff members Jean Johnston and Daniel Mendivil Anthony Pratt and Tarah Harpstreith Jason and Jennifer Delaney Michele Kiel with Dan Gleason
Paul and Sue Plvan Angie Belt with Tammy Sciortino, holding the baby, Jim Barker and his wife Michelle and Pat Lecaine Otto Luhrs with Karen Anderson, Mary Power and Jackie Hockney Michelle and Rich Fiala, left, with Gary and Barb Ellwood
Chad and Stephanie Hall with son Anson and Mark and Trisha Littlejohn Patty and Sam Vickery Jen and John Dale Members of one of the afterschool programs formed a step group called Crosswalk.
Crosswalk performing for the guests From the second level, guests could look down on the entertainment. Salt Wall, Associate Director of HLIC Denver Chairman of HLIC Greg Greenwood
Mark Littlejohn with Yvette Ramirez, Tim Murphy and Greg Greenwood Staff member Shawn Taylor with Tony Jones Chingi Huang, left, with Ken Cheung Staff members Hugh and Loyce Burns with Chris Wall
Dan and Tristin Gleason Dick and Cat Stone Mike and Dawn Hedgahl Salt Wall introducing East High School student Shaquille Turner, who read a poem to the guests
Sarah Edgell and Paul Brokering Mike and Gloria Hall, left, with Chad and Stephanie Hall Peggy and Jeff Myers, left, with Stephanie and Dave Beyer Curt Kane with staff member Hugh Brandt
Tim Murphy and Yvette Ramirez with Sara Wessel and Leonard Carson. Anita Kelley and Marilyn Walker. Steven Newell and Lewis Kelley Karla Tucker and Steve Smith.
Board member Hugh Brandt talking to the guests about youth leadership. Daniel Mendivil spoke to the guests about his experience as a mentor for HLIC. Event planners and enthusiastic supporters, Tom and Angie Belt with Greg Greenwood and his wife Tammy Sciortino. The Gleasons with the Greenwoods.
Rich and Michele Fiala with Greg and Tammy Greenwood. Greg Greenwood with Jim Barker Lewis and Anita Kelley  
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